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Have you ever experienced having your key broken in the middle of your car ignition?

Have you been locked out of your house and can’t locate the spare key?

Or perhaps your business has recently moved into a new storefront, and you are interested in rekeying locks to secure the property.

In any of the instances, a professional locksmith is required.

locksmith services allen tx

If you want your situation resolved quickly, locating locksmiths in Allen, Texas, with competitive rates and a team of expert technicians, is your solution!

Trusting a locksmith to enter your home, residential space, business, or car can be an uphill battle because these are all your personal property.

Luckily, Meyer’s Local Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith business providing quality services at reasonable prices to Plano, Frisco, Dallas, Allen, TX, and the surrounding cities for over ten years.

We are a family-owned and operated local business and take pride in the work we supply to our friends and neighbors in North Texas!

Locks and keys are a significant and meaningful part of our everyday lives – from your house, car, place of business, and even file cabinets and safes.

They are meant to provide protection and access to those with permission or the keys, and those who do not – will remain outside the protected area.

The cost of that security is often the key to unlocking the price or deterrent that could be incurred should something go wrong.

In the case of emergency locksmiths, service for both residential and commercial needs to service every last lock and key in the Lone Star State!

residential locksmith services
Residential locksmith services are our bread and butter. We’re available to clients all across Allen TX

affordable locksmithReliable Residential Locksmith Services

You cannot put a cost on installing new locks for your house when it provides security and solace for everyone in the household.

While Allen, Texas, is known for being a place where you can leave your doors unlocked and always say hello to your neighbors – you can never be too careful.

Every residential area in the DFW metroplex and surrounding towns requires security and a standard of safety within their neighborhoods.

Whether you have just purchased a new home off Main St. and are looking to have your locks changed, have an older home and need a lock repair, or have accidentally locked yourself out of the house.

lock change allen tx

The only way to resolve any of these or the many situations you may find yourself in is by a legitimate locksmith in Allen, TX.

In order to avoid locksmith scams, a little research is required to confirm the validity of your locksmith services before the crew arrives at your doorstep.

Meyer’s Local Locksmith offers an inclusive range and variety of residential locksmith services in Allen, TX, including lock installation, repair, and replacement.

We can also help you with new lock installation, lockout service, rekeying, security systems, and electronic locks.

Our emergency locksmiths can and will arrive in less than 30 minutes should you find yourself locked out of your home in Allen, TX, or the surrounding metroplexes.

locksmith services
Residents and business owners in Allen TX can rest easy knowing our professional locksmith services are just a phone call away!

high security lock servicesResidential Locksmith Services in Allen, TX

Our Allen locksmith services will always recommend upgrading, rekeying, or changing locks upon move-in to a new home or condominium, and smart locks are security systems for the future!

Locks and keys will forever be a part of what keeps your residence safe, but how they are utilized and interact with one another will continue to change and evolve through time.

As technology has advanced, so have the possibilities to secure your home and provide your household with better peace of mind and comfort in knowing your locks will do your job.

At the end of the day, solutions are always available if you lose your keys!

master key system services

key technicianMeyer’s residential locksmith service options are meant to elevate your life and secure your household. We offer the following residential locksmithing options:

  • Lock-out – Home lockouts are some of the most frustrating scenarios to deal with, and they happen as frequently as car lockouts; this is why changing new house locks is essential to securing the household, and contacting a 24-hour locksmith in Allen, Texas, can help you obtain that safety and consistent security. When you first notice you are locked out due to a lost or broken key, it is time to contact a professional service and locksmith Allen, TX, for assistance and entry back into your home and safe space.
  • Lock Installation – Whether you have recently moved in, you’re dealing with aging and faulty locks, or you have experienced a security breach, lock change home security is the most critical component for the safety of your household. Meyer’s is extremely professional and highly experienced in providing high-quality craftsmanship and lock installation that will keep your house safe for many years!
  • Repair Services – When locks get old, they sometimes require repair services from a locksmith in Allen, TX, who can resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. Without a team of reputable locksmiths behind you for these tasks, you can make more costly repairs and install brand-new locks anyway! We can repair any type of lock, from smart locks to padlocks and file cabinets, whatever your lock looks like – our professional technicians have had experience with it.
  • Lock Rekey Service – When you rekey something, it typically means that you plan on changing a specific lock or set of locks so that the previous key will no longer work. This happens at move-ins or after break-ins; only a locksmith professional can complete a lock rekey service because the technician must ensure attention to detail during this project, and it is vital to evaluate the lock rekey costs versus installing all new locks for your household instead of choosing to rekey.
  • New Keys or Duplicates – People tend to have duplicate car keys, so why not have a duplicate house key if something happens? You will always have a spare and the means of retaining access to your home. If you have a smart or intelligent locking system in place, then there may be some key programming involved in completing the service. Still, Meyer’s professional locksmith technicians are more than capable of helping you out!
  • Access Control Systems – One of the best means of security is having actual security systems and monitoring abilities throughout your household and the property’s perimeter. You can pursue the 2023 secure home locks, which will help to ensure that your doors are not opened without the proper key. Still, security systems add another layer of defense from your home to protect the people you love the most and even home security property showings!
commercial locksmith services
Commercial locksmith services are available courtesy of Meyers Locksmith!

commercial locksmith servicesDependable Commercial Locksmith Services in Allen, TX

Commercial locksmith services require industrial knowledge, strength, and a reputation that supersedes itself. Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Allen, TX, has developed quite a name for itself in the commercial locksmith industry throughout the DFW area.

We offer a vast and comprehensive spectrum of commercial locksmith services and a bold crew of locksmith technicians available to assist with your company’s needs.

We provide re-key services, keyless entry systems, door closers, panic bars, and various access control systems and solutions for your business.

Choosing Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX, means the following…

free quote locksmith near me

  • Full-Service Commercial Locksmith Services – it doesn’t matter what our clients require to get the job done; our techs will be trained and skilled to handle it from point A to point Z!
  • Fully Certified, Trained, and Highly Skilled Technicians – plenty of locksmith companies in Texas pretend to have the licensing it takes to serve their customers; validating information before booking with anyone is essential.
  • Bonded & Insured Business – even though the DIY craze has begun to die down, sometimes people still think they can repair a lock themselves. While this is sometimes the case, you are not always protected by your home, renters, auto, or business insurance policy if something goes wrong during the process. This is why working with fully bonded and insured locksmiths provides a safety net for your services – you can ask about warranties as well!
  • Fast, Friendly, & Efficient Services – customer service is important; at Meyer’s, we understand what it is like to be in the middle of a challenging situation, and it is our job to help you out of that as quickly and friendly as possible.
  • 24-Hour, Mobile Locksmith Solutions – being open around the clock gives access to residents and businesses all over Texas; you can’t always plan for an emergency before it happens, so when it does, Meyer’s mobile services can meet you where you are!
  • Free Estimate and Consultation Process – no one wants to end up in a situation where they have no idea what they will be paying for a service. That is why estimates are essential to any client enquiring about locksmith solutions. Plus, it gives the customer free reign to review multiple estimates and work with a customer care agent to review their budget – locksmith services should never put anyone over their heads.
  • Emergency Locksmith Services – nothing is worse than experiencing a lock-out in the middle of the night, losing your keys and being unable to find them, or grappling with a key stuck in your car’s ignition. Regardless of the scenario, locksmith emergencies can feel defeating unless you have a company like Meyers’s you can depend on for help!
commercial key services
Your business deserves the best security available and Meyer’s Locksmith is here to help!

At Meyer’s, we understand that the security of your business is of the utmost importance.

This is why we only use the best high-security locks available on the market.

We also offer an expansive range of high-security locks to ensure your business is well-protected.

Locks are the one thing that stands between your property and someone else who, perhaps, doesn’t have permission or access to enter the building.

When your locks hold that big of a responsibility, you innately want to ensure that they are living up to the expected service.

We never recommend compromising this because your keys will always change whether or not someone gains entry.

Still, your lock mechanism will maintain the security of the workplace.

Meyer’s Locksmith provides the following lock options

lock installation
It’s a good idea to replace keys and locks after time in order to maintain a high level of security

door lockProviding Excellent New Lock Installation & Repair Services for All Our Customers

As a local locksmith in Allen, TX, operating a family-owned company, business owners tend to ask about how they can maximize their security systems, have access to emergency locksmith services when needed, and, of course, key replacements every now and again.

There are benefits of utilizing different kinds of access control systems, such as a master key system, a new and improved way to increase your business protection while also allowing employees access to areas they require to fulfill their job duties and expectations.

A master key system consists of a primary key that can open all the locks in the design and the individual keys that can only open specific locks.

We can help with choosing the correct master key system for your business and install it quickly and efficiently. There are now so many options available.

allen texas locksmith services 24/7

Meyer’s strives to ensure their clients have continued access to the best of the best and a pool of systems to choose from, varying in pricing and ability depending on the customer’s immediate wants and needs.

We also offer a wide range of high-security locks to ensure your business is well-protected, but that isn’t all – Meyer’s supplies a professional team of technicians offering a plethora of commercial locksmith services:

  • Security Surveys
  • Hardware Installation
  • Electronic Lock Installation, Repair and Maintenance
  • Emergency Lock-out Services
  • Key Control System Solutions
  • Keycard Options
  • Key Programming
  • Lock Rekey Services
  • Padlocks & General Lack and Key Locksmithing
automotive locksmith services
Are you in need of car key or fob replacement in Allen TX? Call Meyers today!

car key cuttingAutomotive Locksmith Services

Every professional locksmith and everyone on planet Earth understands the importance of your lock to its key and vice versa – when you are missing your key or dealing with a damaged lock or auto lockouts – suddenly your car door becomes its fortress; there is no way in or out.

When you find yourself in this position, unlocking car doors seems impossible, and you’re likely also wishing that you had that replacement key you tucked away but can’t quite remember where you put it.

Being locked out of your car can easily send you into a frenzy, but with a reliable locksmith in Allen, TX, those replacement keys and access to your vehicle are just around the corner!

Meyer’s Locksmith specializes in auto lock-outs; as an elite locksmith in Allen, Texas, we have the experience and expertise to unlock a car door without a key.

Meyer’s mobile locksmiths are also specialists in replacement car keys and can provide you with a new set of keys for any make and model if you have lost yours.

locked out of car
Many of us have been in this awkward situation before! The team at Meyers Locksmith will have you back in your car in no time!

Our professional locksmiths can also help you with ignition switch replacement, battery issues, or door lock cylinder repair.

Any automotive locksmith in Allen, TX, should understand the importance of their clients having access to their vehicles – it is another layer of security, transportation, and continued reaching out to the world around them for their daily scheduling and needs.

It is funny how a single car key can turn your entire day upside down, but when you are lucky enough to have a locksmith Allen, TX, residents trust, your locked-out nightmare will be over much sooner than you expected.

There is no use in stressing yourself out about a situation you have no control over; just do your best to manage your emotions and allow your friendly neighborhood locksmith company to do the rest – Meyer’s works with an assortment of makes and models…

Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevy, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, GMC, Honda, Infiniti, Jeep, Lexus, Lincoln, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ram, Subaru, Toyota, Kia, Hyundai, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, and VW!

There’s nothing more frustrating than a wayward set of car keys! Our team will offer replacements in a jiffy.

key fob replacementLost Your Car Keys? Car Key Replacement By an Allen Locksmith

Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX, is dedicated to providing a fast, friendly, and easy mobile locksmith service to ensure your lock and key needs are always met with simple, straightforward solutions.

When you require a new set of car keys, your locks are acting up; you’re locked out of the vehicle, you are dealing with a key broken or lost, etc. – it is easy to spiral and worry about your current predicament.

Locating locksmiths in the area is not always necessary when you can access a reliable locksmith anytime from anywhere!

There are plenty of options on the internet, but you have to complete your research thoroughly because you can’t always trust something that you see, and you can’t always ensure that their services will be something you can depend on.

Meyer’s can arrive at your location on the same day of request, as quickly as possible, to get you right back on the road with your replacement keys or freshly repaired lock mechanism.

As time has continued to move forward, being locked out has become more complicated because keys have become more complex to ensure heightened security systems and lock systems that will keep intruders out.

This is an excellent thing for vehicle owners, and luckily, legitimate locksmiths know their way around these lock and key situations.

car key
Our automative services extend to all variations of car keys. From traditional keys to fobs.

Meyer’s mobile locksmiths carry the most advanced tools and software for key fob programming and lock repair services.

Sometimes, people like to maneuver around locating a locksmith in Allen, TX, and they take matters of a lost or broken key into their own hands by scouring the internet.

Buying car keys online, while convenient, is not always the wisest option available to you.

Car keys are meant to provide protection, and they are the one thing that stands between you being locked out or able to access and transport yourself wherever you need to go – being stuck in one place or restricted from traveling to your destination is not only frustrating but it is also highly inconvenient when you are trying to make it to work, school or elsewhere.

Taking things into your own hands will not always provide quality results.

When you work with Meyer’s automotive locksmiths, they can assist with the following:

  • Lost car keys.
  • Car key replacement.
  • Duplicate Car Keys.
  • Lock-out emergency locksmith services.
  • Fob Replacement and programming, as Meyer’s locksmiths know the car fob secrets!
  • Key Extraction from the ignition and door may not be an issue for push-to-start vs. traditional keys.
  • Luxury vehicle locksmith services.
automotive services
Our automative services are readily available to residents and businesses across North Texas

car key locksmithFree Quotes for Automotive Locksmith Services in North Texas

Whether you just need to snag an extra key to ensure you have a spare, remain proactive against ever being locked out of your vehicle, or are dealing with an aged car key that has broken off in your car door, Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX, can help to turn your day back around and get your life to its regularly scheduled programming.

Meyer’s locksmiths are the key to any lost keys or lock mechanism issue you are struggling with, and our mobile locksmith services are meant to make clients’ lives easier.

Locksmiths are not always accessible when you need them. Still, Meyer’s Local Locksmith provides free quotes and thorough consultations on car key replacement services when you are locked out or experiencing a key emergency.

We all know a car key replacement can be expensive, especially if ordered through the dealership.

Meyer’s Locksmith offers a more affordable solution for anyone who needs new car keys.

We can come directly to your location and make you a new set of keys on the spot, so you don’t have to tow your car to a random shop nearby or the dreaded dealership!

locked out
Emergency services – such as assisting if you’re locked out – are commonplace for Meyers. Call us today!

commercial locksmith allen txEmergency Locksmith Services

Excellent customer service, care, and experiences should not only feel convenient, but they need to be accessible and remain affordable.

Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX, always prioritizes customer satisfaction and reliable service at a reasonable price; our locksmith solutions are available 24/7 throughout the year, so you can rest assured that our team of locksmiths will be there whenever you need it the most.

Meyer’s is a fully licensed, bonded, and insured locksmith company dedicated to quickly resolving lock and key problems.

Our team of certified professional locksmiths has the experience and knowledge to handle any job, big or small.

The technicians we send out to your location have undergone rigorous training and bring prior knowledge developed through years of experience and their unique perspectives to supply immediate solutions!

Our emergency solutions extend to lost or faulty key cards in the workplace as well

Emergency locksmith situations are some of the most stressful ones to deal with, whether you have lost your entire set of keys, are fighting with a house lock, or your employee can’t seem to figure out their key card for the workspace – Meyer’s has your back for every type of emergency!

You can attempt to walk step-by-step through the emergency lock-out guide and another self-help locksmith Allen, TX, companies have created for customers.

Still, when you need a real-life locksmith present to re-key your business after a break-in or padlocks replaced following an incident with someone you once trusted, Meyer’s locksmith are always prepared to lend a hand!

24/7 service
Our team are available 24/7 to assist you!

24 hour emergency services24-Hour Locksmith in Allen, TX

Being open 24 hours means constantly having access to our community and whatever key or lock emergency happens, no matter what time of the day or night.

Meyer’s Local Locksmith provides Allen, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding cities with around-the-clock service 365 days.

Our emergency locksmith service will respond to your call within the first 30 minutes, whether you are locked out of your office, warehouse, home, or car.

You won’t find that every locksmith service will offer the same quality of solutions for your lost keys, faulty locks/padlocks, broken file cabinets, or whatever the emergency may be.

Every key and lock holds importance when it is an essential item to our clients, and supplying support, resolution, and further maintaining locks and keys is what Meyer’s locksmith service is all about!

Having a 24-hour locksmith available and at your disposal supplies residents and business owners with a sense of security outside their physical locks and keys.

It is and always has been Meyer’s immediate goal to provide a level of security and safety to their customers; this allows the relationship to flourish and their lives to continue down the path they were previously on, before this inconvenient emergency which required the need for our service and prompt response.

Meyer’s Locksmith is at your service for any of the following emergency situations:

  • Home, car, or work lock-outs.
  • Commercial and residential lock re-key services.
  • File cabinet & safe opening.
  • Deadbolt or High-security lock installation.
  • Key fob and transponder programming.
  • Lock repair service.
  • Duplicate key service.
emergency locksmith services
If you’re stuck in a bind with your keys or locks, our emergency services are available 24/7

residential lockmsith allen txEmergency Locksmith Allen, TX, For Your Safety & Security Systems

Who doesn’t understand that being locked out can be stressful and dangerous?

That’s why our emergency locksmith service is available 24/7 to help you get back into your office, home, or car as quickly as humanly possible – with the pros on your side.

From the moment of your initial phone call to our locksmith store, you can expect a fast and professional lock and key service and feel entirely supported during that time.

When an emergency happens, clients rely on professional guidance, which is why Meyer’s professionals are committed to creating a peaceful environment for service.

No one ever wants to feel out of control of their home or workplace, and when you are placed in a position where you physically cannot gain access to your space, it can become increasingly frustrating.

This compromises your emotional and mental state but can also put your overall property security at risk.

When you lose your keys, those can fall into the wrong hands and be utilized to gain entry into the building at a future date, or if your lock has been acting up and you have finally reached a breaking point, it may not remain secure and stable moving forward.

If you’ve recently been the victim of burglary, call us today and we’ll restore confidence in your home security

When something urgent like this occurs, it is a sound idea to consult your team of locksmiths about upgrading your current lock system or replacing all of the keys previously used for entry.

Still, all in all, simply making changes that can lock down your property no matter what has happened or what may happen.

Meyer’s provides free estimates and consultations and can offer their expert opinion on better securing your house or workplace.

Our technicians can schedule a walk-through to assess your current security systems and review all upgrades our team would advise to create a safe home or office.

This supplies clients with confidence as they continue forward growing their families and/or businesses and will consistently serve their lives and property for the better because safety is always the most significant priority and remains at the forefront of Meyer’s Locksmith morals and values!

locksmith clients
Check out some of the reviews from recent clients!

proJust a Few of Meyer’s Local Locksmith Reviews

Meyer’s Local Locksmith understands the importance of securing our client’s lives, homes, vehicles, and businesses.

That is why we take price in our work – it is not simply ‘work.’ It is a means of helping those within our communities.

Lending a helping hand to our neighbors is the Texan way, but it is also something more and more people should begin to normalize.

We provide top-tier locksmith solutions to satisfy our customers, but also because we enjoy hearing their feedback – this is what a few of our recent clients have had to say about their experience!

Emily W. Allen, TX.Professional Locksmith Services for Any Emergency Situation in Plano, TX

“I work off Plano Rd, and just as I was leaving and arrived at my car doors, I realized I couldn’t locate my car keys. I panicked, frantically searching to no avail, and Googled emergency locksmith services in Plano.

I had never previously been locked out of my car nor lost my set of keys, so I wasn’t sure what to do or which locksmiths would be legitimate in the area. Meyer’s Plano locksmith created a new set of keys, and the technician arrived quickly.

Their locksmith services were fast and friendly, and I could not be more pleased with their work!” Sarah H. Plano, TX.

William B. Allen, TX.Impressive TX Commercial Locksmith Services

“We hired Meyer’s Locksmith to replace several commercial existing locks on our hotel in Frisco, TX. The owner and his team were professional, efficient, and reasonably priced, and the cost was convenient for the level of service we required and the number of locks we needed assistance with installing.

The locksmith arrived within the hour and provided a quick and easy resolution for our property. We are delighted with their commercial locksmith services and will definitely use them in the future.” – Mark K. Frisco, TX.

Sarah H. Allen, TX.We Love Our New Locks & We Love Our Allen Locksmith Even More

“Our family recently purchased a new home in Allen, TX, and we were looking for lock rekey services or simply changing locks for the house. Having recently moved into the residential area, we weren’t yet familiar with the neighborhood.

We wanted to ensure that we had the highest level of security available by installing new locks with a local professional. We went with Meyer’s Locksmith based on the reviews we read online, and we were very impressed. They provided a professional service and did an excellent job with the lock change! Emily W. Allen, TX

Mark K. Allen, TX.Knowledgeable Technicians, Competitive Rates, and excellent Locksmith Services in North Texas

“After calling nearly all of the emergency locksmiths in North Texas, I found Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX. They were the only car locksmith who could create new keys and provide key programming for my car fob.

I was initially worried about this, and I even considered looking online or heading to the dealership instead.

Still, the price was very reasonable, and the crew was terrific! I was happy that I didn’t have to tow my car and spend a bunch of extra money accessing another company’s services. I recommend Meyer’s for any car locksmith emergency situation!” – William B. North Texas.

call meyers locksmith car lock services
Call us today for all your locksmith requirements!

locksmith near meContact the Most Trusted Locksmith in Allen for Your Free Quote, or Schedule an Appointment Today

Finding the perfect Allen locksmith, and one that you can trust and depend on, can sometimes feel like a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be! Sure, there are locksmiths in Allen, TX, and across the country who are not correctly licensed, gouge up their pricing, and lack a sense of professionalism. Still, safety and security are the number one priority – isn’t that why we have locks and keys in the first place?

Meyer’s Locksmith in Allen, TX, guarantees a fair price and high-quality residential, commercial, and car locksmith services! As a family-owned business in the Lone Star State, supporting families, their homes, and businesses is the goal.

When you seek a “locksmith close to me” – no matter where you are or what time it is. Contact our office today and allow our experienced locksmiths to provide a free quote on your locksmith services. Locksmithing is our passion; it’s not just our job, so we are creating modern locksmith solutions for peace of mind, comfort, and ease!

meyers locksmith services
Our team provides the very best in residential, commercial, and vehicle locksmith services. Call us today and lets see what we can do for you!

Meyer’s is committed to creating a convenient solution for locksmithing – our techs work hard to secure their clients’ safety, which is why our business has been a pillar of security for all of these years.

Call us today for a trusted, dependable, and reliable locksmith in Allen, TX; you can reach Meyer’s Local Locksmith at (469) 922-9966 or simply fill out our call-back form on our site. We look forward to helping you with any and all of your locksmith needs!

Tom the locksmith

Tom the Locksmith

Dear McKinney, Dallas residents. This is Tom, your local locksmith.

Since childhood, I have always been in love with any locking device. In 2002, I started as a locksmith apprentice in Denver, CO. After many years of solving all lock and key problems, I decided to open up a locksmith store in McKinney. Now I’m a full-time locksmith in McKinney, Texas.

My mission is to move people from their current crisis to solving the root cause of their lock and key problems. In addition, I’d like to give them peace of mind knowing there’s another option besides breaking a window or kicking down your door.

Get A Free Quote!