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If you and your business are in the Greater Denver Metro area, look no further than Meyer’s Local Locksmith for all your go-to commercial locksmith services. Not only does Meyer’s Local Locksmith have a knowledgeable team that is highly skilled, but Meyer’s Local Locksmith is also able to provide services ranging from lock repairs to new installations and high-security systems.

A commercial business is concerned about the security of their facility, and rightfully so. Buildings and vehicles are an integral part of your business; ensuring their security is possible with the help of the professional shop technicians from Meyer’s Local Locksmith. Whether you are looking for high-security options, safe installation, safe repair, or pick proof products, hiring a knowledgeable locksmith is always the best choice. Don’t trust the safety and security of your staff and buildings to anyone other than a registered and professional locksmith.

All of your locksmith services, especially those commercial locksmith services, can be quickly taken care of by Meyers Local Locksmith, your mobile locksmiths.

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What Services Does Meyer’s Local Locksmith Offer?

Not sure when to call Meyer’s Local Locksmith? That’s understandable; locksmithing is a dynamic business that provides numerous services. Most people know the essential function of a locksmith call, such as unlocking the door and car locks, replacing keys, and changing locks.

However, the process can be much more in-depth. A skilled locksmith can install products to create a master keying design, install drill resistant locks, and even recommend the best door closers and emergency exit devices keys.

If you are in need of the following services, give us a call!

Rekey Services: Rekeying services are an important function of any locksmith. At Meyer’s Local Locksmith, we are happy to provide this service to any business client. Sometimes instead of getting new locks, all you need is to rekey your existing ones. This is a cost-effective way to enhance your security without undergoing a total lock change. It is also a useful way to make older keys obsolete, keeping unwanted individuals out of your business.

New Installations: You may find yourself in a position when you need to change or locks or install new ones. Are you moving into a new building, or are you looking to update your system? We specialize in providing new locks for businesses. New locks are a great way to enhance your security or give access to those who genuinely need it.

Safe Openings: Many businesses have safes on the premises. Like many other locking systems, safes can cause issues from time to time. At Meyer’s, we can unlock your misfiring safe so you can regain access as soon as possible. Our trained technicians are familiar with numerous brands of safe, meaning we give you access to your safe without causing unnecessary damage.

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Padlocks: Some businesses use padlocks to keep their assets safe. We provide services to keep your padlocks in working order. If you need more keys to your padlocks, our key cutting machines can ensure the proper keys are duplicated. If your locks are rusted shut, we provide the service to open them. If you want to install padlocks, we can do that, too. No matter what your padlock issue is, we can solve it.

Access Control Systems – At Meyer’s, we can design and install access control systems alongside your company. Sometimes, traditional locking systems are not enough to protect your business. Instead, you may be looking for a high-security system. That is where access control comes in. With locks like Medeco Logic, audit trails, and cam locks, you can limit people’s ability to penetrate doors within your business. Systems like this work great for top security places where you need to know who entered a door and when. It can also control who is allowed to enter and who isn’t.

Digital Master-Keying – Master key systems are a superior system for controlling who has access to what area of the building. Only the master key opens each and every door. However, individuals can have user keys that allow access to specifically designated doors. While this is a classic building lock system, we can provide a more technology-based approach by installing digital keys and locks. Keeping up with the newest locking advancements is one of the best ways to ensure your system is both easy to use and secure.

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Master Key Systems – We also install master key systems with lockset cylinders and lever locks. No matter what your lock preference is, we can design and install a master key system for you. Though digital cylinders and keys are a newer technology, more traditional approaches are still perfectly acceptable. Meyer’s Local Locksmith can guide you in the right direction for your company’s master key system.

System Management: We specialize in all key control systems. Whether you use lockset cylinders, digital cylinders, or any other type of lock, we can oversee your entire system design. Proper locks are not a one and done thing. A locking system needs oversight and maintenance. At Meyer’s, we can design, install, and maintain your system. Services like this give you peace of mind knowing that your building security is always running at peak performance, keeping your business and employees safe.

These are just a few of the services Meyer’s Local Locksmith can offer. To learn more or to see what other services, our friendly and reliable technicians can offer, give our office a call!

What Kind of Locks is Best to Keep Businesses Safe?

The best way to keep your business safe is by combining top-of-the-line locks from brands like Medeco with the right building security design. The safety you choose for your doors is so much more than merely installing drop bolts and deadbolts. While these can be excellent choices to enhance your protection, consider taking it one step further.

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Do you have many employees who have access your building? Then, perhaps, a master key system or audit trail locks would be useful. The master key system allows you to limit access to certain areas of your building, while an audit trail lock allows you to track who enters the building and when. Both of these options are an excellent way to ensure the only people walking around your business are the people you have given permission to.

Perhaps you don’t need a high-tech locking system. Not everyone wants to use cam locks. That’s okay, too. There are plenty of more traditional locks that can suit your needs. Mortise, rim, and key-in-knob cylinder locks are all useful locks that can provide your business with security and peace of mind.

Choosing the best locking system is all about knowing your needs and asking questions. With the help from our knowledgeable staff, you can feel confident that your business is well taken care of.

What Makes Meyer’s Local Locksmith the Go-To Locksmiths?

When it comes to quality products and services, Meyer’s Local Locksmith offers expert technicians who are able to provide ADA hardware. What does this mean? It means that when it comes to your master key systems, to your door and lock, we provide reliable and trusted locksmith services.

Serving the Greater Denver area, Meyer’s Local Locksmith is able to fulfill any and all locksmith services. Commercial and residential-style padlocks, our shop technicians can provide services ranging from installation, rekeying, and repairs.

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As well as having ADA hardware, we strive to use and provide products that are top of the line. This means that you can trust our products are fire code compliant, as well as being drill resistant and pick proof products.


With Meyers Local Locksmith, don’t worry about not having the right product or not knowing what items you need. Our knowledgeable shop technicians can provide all the necessary pieces required for a lock repair, installation, or replacement.

Our technicians are able to provide the necessary pieces needed when it comes to an electronic lock repair, combination lock changes, or working with factory restricted keys that cannot normally be addressed with an ordinary locksmith.

Same-Day Services

Don’t find yourself locked out or waiting for a technician to come to change the locks to your home or business. With Meyers Local Locksmith, we offer same-day services, which means whether you need to get through that deadbolts, instant rekeying, or if you need to add or remove user keys, we have you covered around the clock.

Easy Installation

One of the best features of using a knowledgeable locksmith is the ease of installation. Our trained technicians can quickly perform the task at hand. Whether you need to us to program cylinders or keys, provide key duplication, or recommend proven key control systems, we can do so with ease. Unlike other locksmiths, we even take aesthetics into consideration. When done right, building security can be both safe and visually appealing.

At any given time, our friendly and professional technicians are ready to provide locking and security solutions. No job is too big or small. We are prepared to service all lock brands. If your commercial company is in the Greater Denver area, call us today!

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