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If your car key is lost or you may need an additional car key, call Meyer’s Locksmith for assistance. We provide the best car key replacement in McKinney, Texas, for all types of car keys!

We are a mobile car locksmith service that provides 24/7 emergency car lock-out services to people who need their cars unlocked – quickly and efficiently. Want to know the cost of replacing a high-security (transponder) automotive key? Call us at (469) 922-9966 now. We also offer keyless entry remotes!

McKinney’s Best Car Keys Replacement Service

cheap car key
Replacement Key Fobs for Every Make and Model

Cheap car key replacement

The cheap way to get a car key fob is by having at least one car key copy to show the locksmith for key-cutting purposes and chip key duplication.

car key cost
Affordable Replacement Car Keys By Your Auto Locksmith

Expensive car key replacement

When you have no key at all, that would cost you more. To make a car key without an existing key, the locksmith has to buy tokens to connect your car’s ECU with his device.

Affordable car key replacement

The reason people from all over Dallas, TX, are coming or requesting a service. From Fort Worth to McKinney, TX – Meyer’s automotive locksmith services are well known for affordable car key replacement.

Automotive Locksmith Services McKinney
We Can Make Any Type of Key On the Spot!

Meyer’s Automotive Locksmith Services in McKinney, Texas

When looking for locksmith experts near McKinney, there’s only one option to call – Meyer’s Locksmith. In any emergency situation, we’re here to help.

How Meyer’s Locksmith Services Can Help?

Meyer’s operates local locksmiths teams to cover all of your locksmith needs in a timely manner response time. If you are accidentally locked out of your car or house – give us a call.

  • Ignition key replacement
  • Key fob services
  • Old cars keys replacement
  • Any vehicle remote programming
  • Transponder key programming
  • Spare key and smart key
car key tools
The Best Prices For Replacement Keys!

Car key replacement tools, equipment, and more

Every car manufacturer has a different keyway, a different programming system, and a completely different method to get you a new car key replacement. These other methods require to have a complete locksmith stock and machines to be able to serve every customer near the McKinney area. To complete the car key replacement, you need to have the following:

  • Four types of Car connectors
  • Different car key computers
  • In-depth knowledge of hardware
  • Professional tech support by phone

Emergency locksmith services in McKinney, Texas

With so many ads on the best and cheapest locksmith prices in McKinney, It’s really hard to decide which emergency locksmith service to choose. As a local company in McKinney, TX, we are dedicated to providing the most reliable local car key replacement service.

professional car key tech
McKinney Locksmith Ready to Assist!

Get a professional locksmith to assist you.

Do not count on $49.99 advertisers. These locksmiths will try to upsell or even scam you once they have arrived at your location. You don’t want some unknown guy to take care of your locks, security, business, or car.

With Meyer’s, you are 100% confident you are getting quality service from local professionals.

Car key replacement VS. Re Key

Car rekey refers to car key replacement sometimes. The truth is that a car re-key service is when you have to change the locks on your car due to a lost or stolen key. A car key replacement is needed when you want a new working factory-cut key for a specific vehicle.

transponder car keys

Transponder Keys

A metal blade key with a puffed plastic shell on top to store a chip – this is a transponder key. These keys are easy to duplicate; a little bit more complicated to create a new key without a current key blade.

Permission to access premises and vehicles

Whenever you need a locksmith in McKinney, TX, whether to replace your house locks, get access to your business, or unlock your car, you must identify in front of the locksmith.

Other Locksmith services by Meyer’s

other locksmith services mckinney

We are much more than a car key replacement company. Whenever you search for “Locksmith McKinney” on Google, Meyer’s Locksmith will always appear at the top of Google’s results. Our most attractive emergency locksmith services are:

  • New house key services
  • Business Locksmith Services
  • Commercial lock repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Dependable Old locks services
  • Unlock your car
  • Unlock your house

Why choose Meyer’s Locksmith?

First of all, responsive time! We are the fastest locksmith services you can get in McKinney. We are locals. While other locksmiths arrive from Dallas within 60-90 minutes, our response time is less than 20 minutes (when there’s an available locksmith technician).

Many businesses in McKinney, TX, are trusting Meyer’s locksmith services. The reason is that Meyer’s professional team will be on-site within minutes of the call. Our team will install or replace any lock you need. We will come to your location in McKinney in no time. In addition, get a great deal on other security equipment you might need.

customer service satisfaction

Car keys replacement response time near McKinney, TX

Whenever you need a car key replacement, it’s an emergency. Your vehicle security is our business’ top priority. This is why Meyer’s Locksmith McKinney is your first choice.

Customer Reviews
Luna M.Excellent stolen keys services in McKinney

“My keychain was inside my purse when it was taken. It doesn’t matter how it happened, but eventually, I called Meyer’s Locksmith to replace all of my locks around the house and make new keys for everything (mailbox, file cabinet, vehicles, boat, and two car keys. Thank you, Tom, from Meyer’s Locksmith. Your business is appreciated.” – Luna M.

Ortiz F.Commercial keypad replacement

“I left my office without stopping the alarm system. I went out to check it, and it didn’t work. I called Meyer’s Locksmith Service the next day to see what was wrong with my locks, and they found that someone had broken our keypad. They replaced all of our locks for us and gave all the staff a copy of every key. We didn’t lose any more time.” – Ortiz F.

Joe A.

McKinney, TX, lock and key repair

“I had to call them because I had my key stuck in the ignition. One call, someone was here, and they were able to get it out within minutes. When I bought my house, I asked for their help with all the locksmith services. My new home is safe.” – Joe A.

John G.Replace a commercial lock and keys in McKinney, Texas

“I called Meyer’s Locksmith for their help with some locks & keys that needed to be replaced. They were fast, efficient, and professional. I recommend them to anyone who needs anything done around the house or office.” – John G.

Rosa E.Best locksmith deal over the phone!

“When I was locked out of my house outside of Dallas, I needed a lock and key service, fast. When I called Meyer’s Locksmith McKinney, they offered me a deal over the phone that was much better than anything else in town. Highly recommended!” – Rosa E.

Martin R.Locked out of my car

“The other night, my phone died. I was in a hurry to get back home and had to find my keys. I didn’t know what to do. I was locked out of my car and had no way of getting home. The locksmith from Meyer’s Locksmith showed up in less than 20 minutes, and he got my door open within a few minutes. He even made me an extra set of keys for the most reasonable price!” – Martin R.

Tom the locksmith

Tom the Locksmith

Dear McKinney, Dallas residents. This is Tom, your local locksmith.

Since childhood, I have always been in love with any locking device. In 2002, I started as a locksmith apprentice in Denver, CO. After many years of solving all lock and key problems, I decided to open up a locksmith store in McKinney. Now I’m a full-time locksmith in McKinney, Texas.

My mission is to move people from their current crisis to solving the root cause of their lock and key problems. In addition, I’d like to give them peace of mind knowing there’s another option besides breaking a window or kicking down your door.

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