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Infiniti Car Key Replacement McKinney, TX

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Do you need an Infiniti Car Key Replacement in McKinney or the surrounding areas? In case you lost your car key, or the keys are worn out. We at Meyer’s Locksmith provide a long list of services to our esteemed clients in the Dallas Metro area.

Our technicians hold years of experience and expertise in handling various kinds of locks and keys. Our quick, efficient, and affordable services provide you with peace of mind.

Meyer’s Locksmith is the leading car key replacement specialist in your area

We work on all cars of different makes, models, and years. Our locksmith expertise in handling a wide range of car keys gives us the edge over our competitors.

Replacing car keys is not an easy task. It requires special tools and skills that our locksmiths are experts at. We can help you with the following:

  • Making a new car key
  • Programming transponder keys and remotes
  • Ignition repair and replace
  • Making spare car keys
  • Fixing trunk and door locks
  • Extract broken keys from the lock cylinder

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New Infiniti Car Key Replacement

There are different types of Infiniti car keys. The most common type of key is the transponder key. This key has a microchip that transmits a unique signal to the car.

Once you insert the key into the ignition switch, the car’s computer will recognize the signal and start the engine. Other types of Infiniti car keys include:

Fob or proximity keys

These keys work by proximity. You don’t have to insert them into the ignition; you just have to have them near the car.

Remote keyless entry (RKE)

This type of key allows you to open your car doors and start the engine without touching the key.

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Smart keys

These keys are even more advanced than transponder keys. They can be programmed to start your car and open the trunk, door locks, and other functions.

Benefits of high-security car keys

High-security keys provide you with added guarantees and benefits:

  • They don’t wear out as quickly as standard car keys.
  • They don’t break as easily.
  • Losing them doesn’t mean you have to get the locks changed and the ignition rekeyed.
  • They come with an advanced security system that makes it difficult for thieves to steal your car.

If you have a high-security key, we recommend keeping it in a safe place.

Car keys made by a licensed locksmith

Many locksmiths are not licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety to handle high-security keys. However, Meyer’s Locksmith is a licensed and insured locksmith company serving Dallas and the surrounding area. We are authorized to handle all types of car keys, including high-security keys.

We use the latest technology and equipment to make new car keys and program key fobs. Our team of locksmith experts will help you with all your car key needs.

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Mobile locksmith McKinney at your service

Meyer’s Locksmith is a mobile locksmith service. This means that we come to you and provide our lock and key services at your convenience.

We understand that losing your car key can be a frustrating experience. That’s why we offer our services 24/7, 365 days a year. Call us today at (469) 922-9966 for all your car key needs!

Infiniti ignition switch most common issues

The ignition switch in your car is one of the main parts that controls the starter, the engine, and the electrical system. It allows you to start and turn off your engine by inserting and turning a key in its slot.

Many times when we turn on our cars, we hear a buzzing sound when we insert the key in or out of the ignition. A faulty ignition switch usually causes this.

Other symptoms of a faulty ignition switch include:

  • The car doesn’t start when you turn the key.
  • The car stalls or dies while driving.
  • The steering wheel locks up.
  • The car won’t shift out of “Park.”
  • The brake lights stay on when the engine is off.

Same-day ignition switch replacement service

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, your ignition switch may be faulty and needs to be replaced. Meyer’s Locksmith offers a same-day ignition switch replacement service.

We come to you and replace your ignition switch quickly and efficiently. We use the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure that your Infiniti is back up and running in no time.

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The benefits of having a car locksmith near me

A car locksmith near you can provide immediate and professional service. This is very helpful if you want to get your Infiniti up and running as soon as possible.

Locksmith companies like Meyer’s Locksmith are staffed by certified technicians who can handle any problem that might arise with your car.

Is an Infiniti key cheaper in the dealership?

A new key for your Infiniti might cost anywhere between $275 and $680 in the dealership. Towing your car to the dealership may cost you up to $200 and is time-consuming.

You can save a lot of money by having it made at a reputable locksmith company.

At Meyer’s Locksmith, you can expect to pay between $189 and $389 for a new key, depending on the type of key, model, and year of your Infiniti. We can also save you money since we offer a mobile locksmith service, so we can come to your location and make a new key on the spot.

What is the Infiniti Intelligent Key?

The Infiniti Intelligent Key is a keyless car entry and ignition system designed to replace the conventional key. The key allows you to unlock and start your car by pressing a button on the door handle or inserting it in the ignition switch.

It has a built-in electronic transmitter with an internal antenna, microprocessor, memory chip, electrical coil, and mechanical locking and unlocking solenoids.

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Which Infiniti vehicles have the Intelligent Key?

The Infiniti intelligent key is a game changer! It lets you unlock the doors and even start your engine with just one touch. This will make getting into cars much easier than before, especially if two people try to get inside at once.

It also works with a push to start button, which is another feature that the intelligent key offers. Models that currently use the intelligent key are Q50, Q60, QX50, QX60, QX80.

Are Infiniti and Nissan Keys the same?

Nissan is the parent company of Infiniti, so they are both built on the same platform. However, the Nissan key is not compatible with the Infiniti, and vice versa.

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How do I get a new Infiniti key?

If you need a new key or a spare key for your Infiniti, call Meyer’s Locksmith at (469) 922-9966. We have highly trained local locksmiths ready to come to your location and make you a replacement key right away!

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