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Most people know Assa Abloy as the world’s largest lock manufacturer, with a product line that includes everything from traditional door locks to high-tech access control systems. But few people know about the company’s other products and services, including security consulting, system design and installation, and managed security services.

With well over a century of expertise in the security industry, Assa Abloy is well-positioned to provide comprehensive security solutions for businesses and government organizations worldwide.

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Assa Abloy Locks

The range of Assa Abloy locks that are available to commercial clients is extensive and varied. There are a wide number of different types of locks that are available, which can be suited to a variety of different applications. There are also a number of different locking mechanisms that can be used, which can provide greater security for the property.

Assa Abloy locks are known for their high level of security. Many properties that require Assa Abloy locks will need to consider the physical security of the location and have high levels of electronic security.

Assa Abloy PADlocks® can also be fitted with a mechanical or electronic locking mechanism. Electronic locks are particularly useful in applications where the padlock is frequently opened and closed, as they can be programmed to meet specific operational needs.

Assa Abloy cylinders are also considered to be some of the world’s highest quality lock cylinders, providing high-level security at an affordable price.

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Assa Abloy Door Hardware

Assa Abloy is a trusted name in door hardware, manufacturing everything from traditional door knobs and levers to modern touchscreen entry systems. No matter what your need, Assa Abloy has a product that will fit the bill. Their products are reliable and backed by a comprehensive warranty, so you can be sure your investment will last.

Their selection of hardware is extensive, too. The list featured below includes just some of the types of locks they manufacture:

  • Door Knobs
  • Door Closers
  • Pull Handlesets
  • Push Handlesets
  • Entry Systems
  • Deadbolts & Bolts
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Mortise Locks
  • Narrow Stile Locksets
  • Surface Mounted Door Closers
  • Thumbturn Trim
  • Keyless Entry Systems (KABA)
  • Digital Cylinders (KABA)

Assa Abloy has long been known as the inventor of the modern cylinder lock, and over their long history, they’ve continued to innovate. One major innovation was their Trådfri smart deadbolt that had a Bluetooth receiver built-in. These locks allowed you to open your door with an app on your smartphone, even if you weren’t near your front door.

Assa Abloy Door Hardware


Assa Abloy’s most successful innovation is the Aperio brand of access control systems, with their motorized latch strikes and touchscreens. In fact, Assa Abloy bought Stanley Security Solutions for $1.17 billion in 2014 to gain a foothold in the US market. This has allowed them to expand upon their Aperio brand, which they continue to roll out across North America.

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  • Aperio currently consists of the following lines of access control systems:
  • Aperio Motorized Latch Strikes
  • Aperio Touchscreen Electric Strikes
  • Aperio Keypads
  • Aperio Wireless Bullet Cameras
  • Aperio Wireless Dome Cameras
  • Aperio Wireless Proximity Cards

Security consulting and system design are critical to ensure that your access control systems will fit the needs of your building. Assa Abloy works with their customers throughout the entire system selection process, from choosing products to designing an installation plan.

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