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assa abloy dallasAssa Abloy began as a family business and has been in business since 1994. They are an international company with over 50,000 employees and are available in over 70 countries. A single lock began all of this, and now they are helping millions of people with access to safety solutions. Mayer’s is happy to offer these solutions to our customers!

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Get The Best Locks For Your Business

lock and key leadersGlobal Leader in Access Solutions

Assa Abloy has provided access solutions and control to create an open world. It began as a regional business and later developed internationally. They specialize in mechanical and digital locks, tags, security doors, and automated entrances. Their main concern is providing security and quality solutions to their customers.

The Assa Abloy group provides global solutions. Every day they are helping millions of people to experience a more open world. They create door-locking options to open more doors.

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Panic Bar Installation In McKinney, Dallas

daily upgradesEveryday Evolvement

They continue to evolve with current technology, creating a diverse range of products such as; door hardware, security systems, and electronic security systems. These are all options Assa Abloy provides for that open world.

If you have ever gone through airport security or an automatic door at a department store, you have utilized a product by the Assa Abloy group.

assa abloy serviceThe Service You Deserve From Assa Abloy Group

Assa Abloy is well known; they are the largest lock manufacturer with a diverse group of products. They also provide security consulting and design, system design, and installation.

They are an excellent option for many industries and government organizations. Their innovation and determination to overcome challenges within the field make it easy to partner with their products.

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The Future Of Locking Systems

locksmith services dallasEvery day, we require security and want to feel secure, whether in our homes, workplaces, airports, etc. Assa Abloy provides those solutions for a more open world and security in all environments. They offer an extensive selection of locks that list is only building.

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business safetySafety Matters

Property owners require convenience with security. Many of these clients require high protection and must constantly consider their workers’ safety. Assa Abloy’s product portfolio could be of interest to you if you are looking for a high level of security and need to protect your parameters.,

door lock servicesDoor Locks and Hardware

Assa Abloy allows access control of the customer and the ability to discover how that can serve the user. There are many sectors of people that can benefit from this. Meyers is happy to make these available to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area!

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Home & Business Security

assa abloy padlock servicesAssa Abloy Padlocks

The Abloy Padlocks can be fitted for electronic or mechanical locks. Electronic locks are better suited if the door needs to be utilized often. They can be programmed however are best suited for that specific mechanism and its usage. The mechanical lock can be used for a door that is not used as often. Abloy cylinders are secure and reliable at an affordable price.

aperio lock serviceAperio

The Aperio is well known and incredibly successful construction of Abloy’s products. Aperio is an access control system. They offer motorized latch strikes, touchscreen electric strikes, keypads, wireless bullet cameras, wireless done cameras, and wireless proximity cards.

Access control is the top priority. Their security consulting, system, and industrial design are crucial to ensure they fulfill your security needs.

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Aperio Lock Services In McKinney, Dallas

assa abloy smart locksAssa Abloy’s Smart Door Locks

Abloy is known for its innovation, and its cylinder lock is no exception. The Tradfri smart deadbolt is another example of their expanding product line.

The Tradfri has a built-in Bluetooth receiver and allows the user to open the door using an app from an iPhone or smartphone. You have the ability to access this from anywhere in the world! Abloy provides services and solutions for the rooms of America and beyond.

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Smart Lock Installation & Service

access solutions mckinney dallasAccess Solutions For Every Industry

Abloy offers everything from phone cards to keypad locks in homes, hospitals, laboratories, and department stores. They help provide a safe place to people around the world. These are access solutions for everyone in all kinds of industries!

Each market has its challenges, but options are available to secure every type of building.

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assa abloy HospitalityHospitality

Abloy makes it its mission to create a more open world and welcoming atmosphere for people. They help provide the framework for the hospitality and entertainment environment by assisting in doors and hardware solutions that support the service supplied.

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Healthcare buildingsHealthcare and Senior Care

Healthcare and hospital settings are places everyone has to visit at some point or another in their life. Assa Abloy has tools available for these settings and provides doors with design support. Workers require a safe environment, as do the client. Convenience is critical, and the technology used includes access control and a secured perimeter.

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Public Buildings Lock & Key Services

school security mckinney dallasThe Ultimate Solution for the Education System

A school is where everyone should feel safe, but in recent times, that has not always been the case. It is Abloy’s mission to change that! They offer security, traditional locks, and wireless locks for securing K-12 schools and college campuses. Mechanical and electromechanical locks are also available for school lockdown strategies. Doors that are attack resistant can be provided for any room that requires protection against unwanted intruders. All options are available and made affordable with low-energy options.

military bases and institutionsMilitary and Government

Federal government agencies and military buildings present the need for a very high level of security. Assa Abloy secures door and hardware solutions as well as access management. Any issue that arises can be handled swiftly to ensure the building has a secured perimeter. Specialty doors are used to be attack resistant to bullets, blasts, winds, and radio frequencies. Mechanical locks and exit devices are available alongside key management software providing real-world solutions and lockdown facilities for any government agency.

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Multifamily Apartments securityMultifamily Apartments

Doors are the access you have to every building, and the construction of that building has to be considered when creating and securing entrances. Abloy secures every door in any multifamily apartment home and supports the design, technical support, and security required.

apartment lock and key services
Multifamily Buildings Services

commercial building lock and keyWe are Commercial Locksmith Experts

Meyer’s is pleased to provide Assa Abloy products to commercial and family properties alike. The quality of those products and service consulting is something we make a priority. Abloy sticks with its clients throughout any undertaking, and so do we. If you are interested in these products or services for your upcoming project, do not hesitate to contact us online or at (469) 922-9966 today!

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