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Master Key Systems

Are you tired of having a different key for each door? If this is the case, opt for a master key system. This type of equipment is very useful and allows you to open many locks on your property. There are several thousand different configurations, and the key can lighten the keychain and avoid wasting time. For security reasons, we highly recommend investing in a master key system.

Having high-security protection in a building containing many rooms requires a highly advanced safety system to ensure that only authorized staff can access specific rooms.

Any large structure that has rooms and doors has a number of locks that require keys. There might be some areas where you want open locks for workers, such as bathrooms, break rooms, and office areas. However, for safety purposes, some places must be accessible only to specifically authorized employees.

In this regard, a master key is essential to businesses and increases the security level. It provides convenient access to every lock inside the system, which is perfect for a managing director or an executive. Therefore, they can have easy access to any room within the building.

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Master key systems (MKS) are advanced, dynamic, and secure key systems. The specified keys are designed to open a set of predefined doors by using various locking tools and efficient planning. These locking systems allow smooth access control for different businesses while reducing the number of keys in circulation.

Meyer’s Local Locksmith is located in the greater Denver metro area and is considered one of the leading options in master key system creation, implementation, and management. We have developed strong credibility and a reputation for being a customer-oriented business with a remarkable ability to adapt to all industry and sector requirements.

We provide super-effective keying solutions for any size system at no additional cost when installing locks and systems like these. Our team of professionals can design your master key system with the utmost care to meet your needs.

There are many aspects to consider when developing master key systems. However, our master keying department can ensure that an effective and concise solution is reached for different projects.

Our selection of system profiles allows us to serve the largest master systems, such as universities and hospitals, as well as smaller systems, such as office spaces and conference rooms.

What Is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a security operation and safety plan constructed to offer immediate access to certain buildings, areas, or homes to specific key owners. This system includes many locks that may be managed through several keys. Nevertheless, these locks may also be open using a certain key, commonly known as the master key.

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Most of the master key systems developed by professional Meyer’s Local Locksmith experts include a change key or servant key, maintenance keys, and a principal key, usually known as the grand master key system.

The master key system is ideal for ensuring optimal security combined with increased comfort while controlling large buildings with several rooms requiring different security clearance levels.

It is a well-planned lock system with similar keys that can unlock one or more of these doors in the building depending on the key bearer’s clearance level. Each key has a certain protection level.

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For example, you can give your manager a key that unlocks any lock while offering lower-level workers with keys that only open the bathroom and the storage rooms.

At Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Denver, CO, we offer different locking solutions to your lost or stolen keys and help you select the most suitable, high-quality master key system, especially if you have a commercial property or office within Denver and its many nearby areas.

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When a wrong key is inserted into the keyhole – the lock will not open

Why Should You Choose a Master Key System?

Master key systems have many advantages. Firstly, these systems are more useful for property owners or building managers. Using a single mastered key, you may have access to all entry points in any structure or property, which is an efficient way of controlling rooms and certain places. Moreover, master key systems restrict access to only a certain person or individual. This is important for ensuring better protection at all times. Effectively, all rooms can be reached with only one key.

At Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Denver, CO, we offer highly effective and efficient system and key installation solutions. Modern and advanced master key systems are suitable for various business structures, from offices to commercial properties, retail shops, hotels, and apartment facilities.

How Does a Master Key System Work?

A master key is similar to a standard key. However, its special feature lies in the lock. Indeed, a traditional cylinder has only one unique key. In other words, no other key can activate its opening or closing mechanism. Contrary to this, a lock associated with a master key has two internal tools: one that operates on contact with its original key, and the other unlocks with the master key.

However, it is not a magic key. It only works on the cylinders for which it was created. A master key can work on five locks, or it can operate on a thousand.

Also, a master key system can work on a small scale. In a hotel, guests can have a key to their room, and the staff can also have a master key to access guest rooms. Nevertheless, the hotel manager can have a key giving access to all the building rooms without exception.

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Keyed Different, Keyed Alike, and Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems

Keyed different (KD) refers to various locks using different keys. Someone who purchases many locks might not use one key to unlock another door. This is typically useful if you want to ensure the key holders don’t gain access to the entire set of locks.

Keyed alike systems are the most common option for clients who purchase more than one unit. The same key should open any of your units. If you have one or more employees who are allowed to open any lock at any moment, one key can do the job. However, you need to keep a close eye on your keys. One lost key can endanger your entire system.

Mul-T-Lock Master Key Systems (MKS) can be implemented for any of our high security locking solutions. Customers can be provided a single mastered key to open all or selected doors while significantly reducing the number of keys in circulation and allowing for more dynamic access control.  Mul-T-Lock’s MKS design tool allows you to enjoy an unparalleled technological product.

Understanding MKS: One-Key Locking Solutions

At Meyer’s Local Locksmith, we provide various key solutions to adapt to different business sectors’ diverse needs and specific requirements. This is what your company gets if you implement our MKS to your locking systems:

  • High-security protection

Keys are developed so that each employee has access only to authorized rooms, which improves security controls while reducing the number of keys in circulation.

  • Convenient access

The ability to integrate a wide variety of product categories into your system using only a single key allows us to build complex systems and empower your locking system to optimize your business.

  • Combined electronic or mechanical systems

Our functional equipment can be strengthened with electronic locking for an extra layer of protection and security.

  • Cost-efficient

Single-key access is more practical. It reduces initial costs and potential expenses that you can spend on replacement keys.

  • Quality

Mul-T-Lock conforms to the world’s most powerful high-security locking specifications.

Types of Master Key Systems

Within large companies, effective and well-defined structures are crucial. On the top level of the system, senior managers and directors may require unlimited access to most building areas. On the middle levels, administration workers require access to only their specific rooms. On the bottom level, the working staff should only need access to their particular office. Master key systems can be divided into three main stages:

Level 1: Keyed Alike Systems (KA)

This is a practical method where a single key operates multiple locks.

Level 2: Master Key System (MK)

These practices are applied when there are many locks, each with their key and an extra key that can unlock all doors, called a master key.

Level 3: Great Grand Master Key System (GGMK)

This grandmaster key system uses three or more keys to control access to a property or a series of properties.

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Who Can Obtain a Master Key System?

Any business owner can contact his locksmith to obtain a master key. However, the lock is different in the case of a master key system. Thus, it is essential to change the locks in the building to put this system in place. On the other hand, having a master key can make it easier for the following people, among others, to do their jobs:

  • Security guard

Master key systems allow security officers to prevent multiple key switching and filtering while carrying out their duties. It helps them to access a location quickly and conveniently in the case of an emergency.

  • Maintenance worker

Having a master key system in place for your maintenance team should improve your crew’s productivity by providing seamless access to rooms with only a single key. This makes master systems important for businesses, including hotels, rental properties, and lodges.

  • Office Block Owners

Master key systems are particularly beneficial for structures that include numerous businesses.

  • Landlords, Property Managers, and Apartment Complexes

Using only a few keys for multiple homes, rooms, or facilities enhances property-based business performance and efficiency.

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What Are the Advantages of a Master Key System?

The installation of a master key system gives the possibility to control and prioritize access to certain building areas. This system makes it possible to limit traffic in certain places. Therefore, the company can secure and protect certain prohibited areas, such as the executive office or the general manager’s office. At the same time, opting for this type of system can quickly determine the cause of any security breach. Also, it improves the protection of assets and allows personalized access control. In the same vein, the implementation of a master key system promotes structure and convenience.

This saves time and avoids the risk of losing keys. Also, a master key system considerably reduces the weight of the keychain and saves money by not producing multiple keys for each employee. Also, this system has a very good quality ratio.

  • Increase your safety

Whether you have a business with four locks or more, a master key system can help you fully customize your employee access. They can access the entire building or just their department, all with a single key.

  • Control your security

If you need to restrict access to certain areas, master key systems make it easy. Customize each employee’s access based on their job responsibilities and limit your duties in the process. Also, fewer keys mean fewer opportunities for lost or stolen keys to be used inappropriately. If an employee loses their set of keys, you shouldn’t have to rekey the entire building. You just need to address the specific areas they had access to.

Why Should You Choose Meyer’s Local Locksmith?

Our specialists can help you design, develop, and maintain a highly effective and efficient system that ideally meets your needs, providing you with constant expert assistance and guidance throughout the installation and implementation process.

Meyer’s Local Locksmith has the skills and knowledge needed to develop a personalized system to meet your needs and fit your style.

Call us today for your free consultation and estimates or to learn more about this practical security system.

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