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Corbin Russwin Locks Guide

Corbin Russwin locks have produced elite locks and door hardware since the 1800s. They are a true leader in door locks, key blanks, door hardware systems, cylindrical locks, exit devices, and access control hardware.

Meyer’s Local Locksmith is pleased to stock all categories of Corbin Russwin door locks, mortise locks, deadbolts, and more. The products are superior to competitors consisting of high-quality hardware for commercial and institutional facilities.

All locks and accessories are also available in various finishes. The company has provided elite materials to consumers, and we are happy to continue to give that to our customers.

Commercial and Institutional Facilities

To choose a brand aligned with your needs, you want to consider what you require for security. Whether electromechanical or standard locking mechanisms – Corbin Russwin offers it all!

ML2000 Series

The ML2000 series is a mortise lock that was created to endure high-traffic doors, such as commercial or industrial and government buildings. It is manufactured using exclusive steel and also includes a heavy deadbolt.

ML2000 Series Corbin Russwin Locks
ML2000 by Corbin Russwin


The ML2000VR was explicitly crafted for and against intruders. They are the prey, and the ML2000VR is the predator! This is a vandal-resistant product, hence the “VR.” Mortise locks do the trick as they contain tamper-resistant screws and other materials.

Corbin Russwin ML2000VR series
Corbin Russwin ML2000VR in McKinney, TX


The ML 205 is a multi-function lock that allows you to change the functions. You do not have to disassemble the lock or deal with too many parts to reconfigure things.

ML2054 installation
ML2054 Lock


The ML2000 series allows you to choose the finish.

  • Bright Brass Vinyard
  • Corbin Russwin Vinyard
  • Black Suede
  • White Suede
  • Satin Chromium Plated
  • Bright or Satin Bronze
  • Bright or Satin Stainless Steel

This series provides patented materials with your own choice of security trims. It can be used often and is built for that. It provides increased security with vandal resistance as well!

High-Security Key Systems

High-security needs require high-security systems for security. You need the right kind of hardware and locks for your building. Corbin Russwin locks offer a great deal of variety depending on the applications required. We are happy to offer these options to our customers!

Access 3

The Access 3 is a basic but sturdy option. It is a standard key that provides door control. Corbin Russwin has made this available for mortise, rim, component, and cylinders. It will fit any door within your facility!

Access 3
High Security Locks – Access 3

Master Key System

Master Key systems by Corbin Russwin have a 6-pin cylinder system and differ from the 7-pin option. This provides more flexibility in terms of critical relationships. The master key does not need any direct connection to the actual key combinations. Hundreds upon thousands of combinations can be used anywhere using the master ring system.

They provide better security by deterring cylinder manipulation. It also does not allow someone to pick the lock or use an impression key.

Exit Devices

Corbin Russwin exit devices were crafted for areas of high foot traffic. They provide increased security and an easy exit. The offered stock provides clients with variety and is a product you can depend on.

exit device
The Best Exit Devices in McKinney, TX

ED2000 Series

The Corbin Russwin ED2000 is a large steel exit device designed specifically for commercial use. They provide consistent satisfaction for the customers and are reliable products. It can be combined with any Corbin Russwin trim, and you may choose your finish for all parts. The ED2000 is often used in schools, gymnasiums, retail stores, transportation hubs, universities, hotels, or commercial and industrial properties.


Corbin Russwin developed the ED3000 for high-use areas. This crossbar exit device can be selected as mortise, rim, or vertical surface rod. It also can be paired with any trim or finish. It is easy to use and meets all fire safety requirements.

Free Consultation in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area

Corbin Russwin is a brand with elite hardware and commercial door locks. They exceed safety standards and continue to create innovative products to ensure the safety of their users. The products reviewed are only a small example of everything they have to offer. If you are interested in further review of their mortise locks, deadbolts, exit devices, or key systems – please take the next step and reach out to us at Meyer’s Local Locksmith for a free consultation. We will order and install the proper hardware for you, and with Corbin Russwin locks, you can’t go wrong!

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