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Mitsubishi Key Replacement McKinney, TX

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Are you looking for a replacement key for your Mitsubishi? Whether it’s an older model or a newer model car, we can help get you back on the road when your key breaks off in the ignition switch or if you lost your car key.

Meyer’s local locksmith is offering high-quality service with competitive rates when it comes to making a new car key, programming a new key, or if you need to replace your transponder key.

Our car locksmith near you can service all makes and models of cars, and we offer FREE estimates over the phone and affordable prices on our locksmith service in Dallas and the surrounding area.

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We Are Your Mobile Locksmith in McKinney, TX

Our highly trained car locksmith comes to you in one of our fully equipped service vans. You can be sure that we bring all the equipment necessary for any of your locksmith needs with us.

We stock replacement keys for all Mitsubishi car models, and we can get started right away when you call us at (469) 922-9966.

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Do Mitsubishi keys have a chip?

Yes, Mitsubishi keys can have a transponder chip that requires programming. Certain types of keys, like a smart key, can be tricky to get reprogrammed, which is why we recommend hiring an experienced auto locksmith in Dallas.

Our automotive locksmiths are fully trained in programming Mitsubishi smart keys. We also stock Mitsubishi remote head keys, key fobs, and much more.

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Which Mitsubishi Models Do We Service?

We can service any car model from the Mitsubishi car brand. Some of the most popular models we work on include:

  • Lancer
  • Outlander
  • Mirage
  • Endeavor
  • Eclipse
  • 3000 GT
  • Diamante
  • Galant
  • Montero
  • i-MiEV

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The Mitsubishi Key Fob

Mitsubishi keys are known for their advanced key fobs that offer features like push to start button, keyless entry, and of course, remote lock/unlock capabilities.

The process of key fob programming is more complex than simply duplicating a car key, which is why you should call Meyer’s Locksmith if you don’t know how to program key fob.

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Does Mitsubishi Have Keyless Entry?

Yes, Mitsubishi cars have keyless entry as an option. By using their fob, drivers can enter and start their car without using a metal key.

The Mitsubishi keyless entry options include:

Smart Entry System – press a button on the door handle to unlock your car. Pressing this button again locks the car behind you as you exit. It’s handy for drivers who frequently carry items or hands full of groceries.

Push Button Start – the car will automatically start when you push the button on the fob and release it.

Keyless ignition – the engine runs as long as you hold your fob close to it. It’s perfect if you want to heat or cool down your car before getting in.

Remote Panic – pressing the button will activate the car’s alarm and flashing lights to scare off potential carjackers.

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What Are Mitsubishi Bad Ignition Switch Symptoms?

Owners that notice any of the following car symptoms should talk to a locksmith about their ignition switch:

  • Car won’t start
  • The key turns, but the engine doesn’t turn on
  • Engine turns off while driving
  • Unable to remove the key from the ignition

If you experience one of these symptoms and your Mitsubishi key is stuck in your ignition, call Meyer’s Locksmith at (469) 922-9966 immediately for a fast response!

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How Much Does A Mitsubishi Car Key Replacement Cost?

An Auto locksmith typically charges between $200-$600 to replace lost Mitsubishi keys. However, some Mitsubishi cars’ models require a transponder chip key replacement. A Transponder key or smart key can be expensive to replace, which is why it’s essential to call an experienced locksmith who knows how to program Mitsubishi keys properly.

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How can I order a car key replacement near me?

All you need to do is call us at (469) 922-9966, and we can have a mobile locksmith at your location, 24 hours a day, in 30 minutes or less. You don’t have to call a towing company, wait for several hours, or overpay at the dealership.

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Meyer’s Local Locksmith Reviews

drew H“I had a great experience with Meyer’s Locksmith! The technician arrived in 15 minutes or less and replaced my lost Mitsubishi car key quickly and efficiently. I would recommend their locksmith service to anyone needing a locksmith in McKinney.” – Drew H.

dawn g“Meyer’s locksmith is the best! Tom was able to help me when I was in a bind and replaced my Mitsubishi Outlander car key quickly and affordably. I highly recommend their locksmith services to anyone that needs a locksmith in Dallas.” – Dawn G.

barry s“I had a fantastic experience with Meyer’s Locksmith! The technician arrived in 20 minutes or less and was able to replace the ignition on my 2014 Mitsubishi Lancer quickly and efficiently. This locksmith company deserves five stars!” – Barry S.

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Tom the Locksmith

Dear McKinney, Dallas residents. This is Tom, your local locksmith.

Since childhood, I have always been in love with any locking device. In 2002, I started as a locksmith apprentice in Denver, CO. After many years of solving all lock and key problems, I decided to open up a locksmith store in McKinney. Now I’m a full-time locksmith in McKinney, Texas.

My mission is to move people from their current crisis to solving the root cause of their lock and key problems. In addition, I’d like to give them peace of mind knowing there’s another option besides breaking a window or kicking down your door.

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