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Schlage Commercial Locks

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Meyer’s Local Locksmith provides an all-encompassing collection of Schlage Commercial locks and door hardware in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. Schlage has been building and designing locks and locking mechanisms for nearly a century!

Schlage locks have provided a fair price and strong security products and parts for all these years. They are the trusted name of door hardware. Here at Meyer’s Locksmith, we stock all types of locks by Schlage. Our inventory is unmatched, and our quality of locksmith service is next to none! Please continue to visit our Commercial page for more information on all options available.

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Commercial Grade Door Locks in McKinney, Dallas

Door Hardware

Choosing the proper door hardware for you and your environment is crucial. We offer Schlage locks such as ND series, A series, F series, D series, AL Series commercial locks, handle sets, knobs, rekeyable locks, and many others. Each model number has different features that provide specific security features depending on what is needed for your door.

All locks have additional bright brass and satin chrome options and are an easy cart add! Their door knobs provide a “Touch to Open” technology allowing a person to touch the lock to disengage. This can be a positive if you need quick entrance but a downside for security. Locks readily equipped with technology prevent the ability to disengage via touch.

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Commercial Locking Hardware

When deciding on the right door hardware, you can simply review the informative videos available and the description of the product. The videos provide a rundown of what the lock and hardware do, how it works, and the door it is best suited for. Schlage Commercial Locks offers residential levers, knobs, deadbolts, keyed entry combination packs, handle sets, door hinges, electronic locks, and pocket door locks.

The variety provided can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to begin. You can also contact us directly for a consultation on your safety and door needs to ensure you are moving in the right direction and determine the most appropriate solution!

Solutions by Market

Find a suitable solution for your K-12 school, healthcare, higher education, government, or residential property projects. Each project will add a set of characteristics crucial for determining the most suitable Schlage commercial lock product. There are various Schlage lock and hardware solutions accessible but what is best suited for you is important. If you know what you are looking for, you can easily just add the product to your cart!

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Commercial Door Locks in McKinney, Dallas

Schlage locks have protected some of the world’s iconic buildings and businesses. They are currently in use at the Citicorp Center, the Chrysler building, and even the Empire State building! They are the leading provider of commercial door locks and have remained that through their years of service.

Alarm Locks

Schlage offers different alarm-locking mechanisms. One of the more popular on the market and available today is the Schlage alarm lock DL2700. It is easy to use and provides outstanding security. The lock uses keypad technology that is armed with an alarm if tampered with and weatherproof.

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Get Schlage Products & Service in McKinney, Dallas

It is one of the best-selling products due to the quality of the lock and its durability. This lock is often used for businesses and sometimes homeowners. It can be programmed with more than one code so employees or family members can have their own for entry. It can also be reprogrammed anytime if you need additional access or discontinue access.

Smart Locks

Smart locks from Schlage are also available and accessible for commercial and homeowner use. The Schlage Encode Plus is a great option it works using wifi with backup in case there are power issues and acts as a deadbolt. You have the tough-to-disengage option using an Apple or smartwatch. Instead of having to search for keys and remember a code to unlock, you have quick and easy access.

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Get A Smart Lock For Your Business

You also have the ability to unlock and lock your doors using your voice! Everything can be set up to connect with your Alexa and other devices to receive notifications. Smart locks truly allow you security from anywhere and peace of mind. There are multiple other smart deadbolt locks available for use. If you have questions about your Schlage options, installation, or general consultation – please reach out to us today!

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