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Honda Car Keys and Ignition Switch Replacement McKinney, TX

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Did you know that a Honda car key and ignition switch replacement in McKinney, TX is a service that we offer? If you have lost your Honda keys, damaged your key or ignition switch, or are simply looking to upgrade your old key and ignition switch, our team can help.

We utilize only factory OEM parts for all of our replacements, ensuring that your key and ignition switch will function like those originally came with your car. Contact us at Meyer’s Locksmith to discuss key replacement options.

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Why do Honda cars have so many ignition problems?

There are several reasons why Honda ignition problems are so prevalent. One of the most important is that faulty keys, locks, and ignition switches are often to blame for many of these issues. A worn key or broken key is a recipe for disaster in your car’s ignition switch.

Many people don’t even realize when they have a faulty or broken key until it’s too late and the car has already been damaged. Ignition switches can also be problematic, especially if they are not maintained regularly.

If you are having issues with your Honda car key or ignition switch, don’t hesitate to contact us for help. Our McKinney locksmiths can solve the problem quickly and easily, so you won’t have to worry about it anymore.

Fastest and most reliable Honda key replacement service available today

At Meyer’s Locksmith, we know that speed and reliability are essential for Honda key replacement. That’s why we offer a same-day service for all of our customers. We also use only factory OEM parts, ensuring that your key will function just like the original.

Don’t hassle with a car that won’t start or is difficult to start. Our mobile locksmith can help you get your car started and on the road quickly to be on your way.

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What kind of key does my Honda have?

Understanding the type of key your car takes is essential because this will tell us what replacement options are available. Your Honda’s key can be one of three types:

  • Blade Key– This type of key usually has a blade with notches. The blade can be inserted into the ignition switch and then turned to start or unlock your car.
  • Remote Key– This type of key looks similar to a blade key, but it has a remote attached. The remote can be used to unlock and start the car.
  • Proximity Key– This key type does not require a physical key inserted into the ignition switch. Instead, it uses a receiver that is built into the car.

We can provide any Honda key replacement for cars, trucks, SUVs. Our locksmith team is standing by to help you solve your problems today.

How much is a Honda replacement key?

Replacing your broken, damaged, or lost key and ignition switch will depend on the type of model you have. Honda replacement keys can cost between $120 and $389, but we always offer a competitive price that is lower than our competitors.

Are all Honda keys the same?

No, not all Honda keys are the same. The car key type will determine what replacement options are available. For example, a remote key can only be replaced with a remote fob, and a blade key can only be replaced with a blade key.

Honda Accord Key

The Honda Accord’s blade-style ignition switch has a notch that corresponds with the notches in this type of key. It must be inserted into place and turned until you hear or feel resistance before turning harder to start your car; release at any time during cranking for immediate action.

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Honda Civic Key

The Honda Civic has a remote key that looks similar to the blade keys used in our vehicles, but it also includes an attached remote. The device can be programmed, so you don’t need special skills or knowledge when unlocking your car door.

Honda CR-V Key

The Honda CR-V is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today. This car includes a push-to-start button and pull-ring type keyless entry remote control system usually located above or near your seat for easy access, which means you can start this vehicle without any keys.

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Honda Element Key

The Honda Element key has a blade with notches and can be inserted into the ignition switch. Turning it will start or unlock your car, depending on which position is set first-insert pointing up for “start”/”downward line symbolizing vehicle lockout. If this doesn’t work out, try pressing either side of both buttons simultaneously until something clicks.

Honda Fit Transponder Key

The Honda Fit has a remote key similar to blade keys, but it does have some differences. For one thing, the panic button is built into your transponder chip key so you can stop any intrusion from happening easily and quickly with just one touch!

Honda HR-V Remote Keyless Entry

The Honda HR-V keyless remote entry system uses a rolling code that changes with every use, so someone can’t hack and steal your car. This key will work from up to about 100 feet away, so you can unlock and start your vehicle without having to be anywhere near it.

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Honda Insight Keyless Remote

The Honda Insight keyless remote entry system uses a rolling code that changes with every use, so someone can’t hack and steal your car. This key will work from up to about 50 feet away, so you can unlock and start your vehicle without having to be anywhere near it.

Honda Insight Keyless Remote Key Fob

The Honda Insight keyless remote key fob is a battery-powered device that you can keep in your pocket or purse. When you’re ready to use it, take it out and press the button to unlock your car. The engine will start as soon as you put the gear shift in “Drive.”

Honda Odyssey Smart Key

The Honda Odyssey key is a smart key with a push-button start. It allows you to insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to either “Run” or “Accessory” or press the remote to accomplish the same thing.

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Honda Pilot Keyless Remotes Key Fobs

The Honda Pilot has a remote entry system that uses push buttons and pull-ring technology. You can press the proximity button on your key to unlock the vehicle or use the remote to do it from two different points, up to about 50 feet away. The driver’s door also includes a lock/unlock switch with an indicator light to let you know when the system is active.

Honda Ridgeline Keyless Remote Entry

The Honda Ridgeline has a push-to-start button keyless entry system. To unlock the doors, press and hold the lock button once, and it will open all the doors at the same time you hear a beep. Pressing this same button again will activate your car horn for three seconds to assist in any emergency.

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Can I program a Honda key fob myself?

It is always advisable to leave the programming of any keyless remote control system up to a professional locksmith. This is because we have all the necessary equipment and skills required for successful completion, and we can inform you honestly about whether your car will accept the new fob or not.

Programming a car key is not a simple task, so it’s best to leave it up to the experts. One such problem is keyless remotes that require “rolling codes” for use, but these cannot be copied and must be programmed by code through a dealer or locksmith facility.

What to do if my Honda key fob doesn’t work?

If your Honda key fob isn’t working, replacing the car battery with a new one is the first course of action to take. The other possibility is that there could be a problem with the transmitter, so it would be best to call a locksmith near you for repair or replacement.

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