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Meyer’s Locksmith. A family-owned locksmith services company. We are serving McKinney, TX, and the surrounding areas. We are also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why choose local locksmiths?

In different than franchise locksmith companies, local locksmiths care about you and your belongings. McKinney, TX is a pretty new city on the northeast side of Dallas, TX.

Get a better response time and pay affordable prices for any of our family-owned locksmith services in McKinney, Texas.

local locksmith mckinney

Car lockout service is on the way to you.

Get your vehicle unlocked within seconds. Meyer’s team is specialized in all lockouts. You don’t have to have a key. Our team can unlock any car make, year, or model. The lockout process is smooth and fast. No harm to your car door or frame – Guaranteed.

Mobile Locksmith Services in McKinney, Texas

Get the best local mobile locksmith service in McKinney! Our customers’ rates are low compared to non-local mobile locksmith services. When looking for “McKinney Locksmith” on Google – From Fort Worth to McKinney -, One phone call will save you headaches and get you the same result for a better cost.

mobile locksmith mckinney

Get the best deals for home and business security locks

Locksmiths sell products that are used to provide security, and this year there has been an emphasis on products that help speed up tasks. Our locksmith devices and tools are technologically advanced and may change the way things have been done in the past.

“Locksmith McKinney” Services \ Customers \ Reviews

Not every Google result will get you professional locksmiths services. Many so-called locksmiths (but they are real digital marketing lions) open websites with “Locksmith McKinney” as the page title, only to find the right fish to bite the bait. Before ordering any locksmith services, you must go to customers’ reviews and read them carefully.

local locksmith mckinney

The best locks and keys service near McKinney, TX

Meyer’s company is dedicated to providing the best lock and key services in TX. Meyer’s locksmiths will go the extra mile for a customer. Read the reviews below to determine which lock, key, and security company is the best near McKinney, TX.

Your home security is our expertise.

Meyer’s Locksmiths are experts regarding home & industrial buildings security systems. Please read all about our reliable services. Let Meyer’s make your home a safer place for you and your family.

Read our McKinney, TX local customers reviews

PattyKey FOB replacement near Plano Marine, TX

“In the last days of 2021 summer vacation, we took the kids to Fort Worth Zoo and The Kimbell Art Museum. On our way back to McKinney, we stopped at Plano Marine to eat dinner. We started toward the vehicle when my husband noticed that the keys were gone with the Remote (FOB).

We know no one from this area, and my husband called Meyer’s the McKinney Locksmith. It took him about half an hour to arrive at the Plano Marine. He was so professional, and he replaced our FOB keys in a short time.

I cannot thank him enough for his quick response and great job! – Patty N.”

Maricruz DCar Keyless entry remote replacement near The Eldorado Country Club

“I called Meyer’s the McKinney Locksmith, and within half an hour, he arrived with a brand new FOB for my car (Toyota RAV4). He did a great job, and I was delighted. Thank you!” – Maricruz D.”

Michael FA Review for High-Security Keys on Main ST

“We have a High-Security lock on our restaurant storefront door. The lock was not working correctly. First of all, we looked at yelp reviews for companies, but Meyer’s McKinney Locksmith had excellent ratings. We called them out for emergency service.

They were quick to respond and very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly locksmith technicians. Thank you so much for your service!” – Michael F.

Mark TResidential Deadbolt Lock Replacement in McKinney, TX

“I was locked out of my apartment, and I called Meyer’s the McKinney Locksmith. They arrived in about 30 minutes, were very friendly and had great prices.

The locksmith technician did an excellent job on replacing my deadbolt lock with no damage to my door or frame.” – Mark T.

Katy BChange deadbolts key combination by highly skilled locksmiths – near McKinney Speedway.

“I was locked out of my car and locked my keys in the car while hubby was away on a business trip. First, I called Progressive Locksmith, and they had no answer for an hour! Then, I called Meyer’s the McKinney Locksmith, and they arrived in about 30 minutes. I highly Recommended!” – Katy B.

Meir SRekeying services by a professional team in McKinney, Texas.

“We have looked for the most affordable prices to rekey a few locks in our new house. We have found Meyer’s from McKinney to be the most affordable locksmith service all around. Great deal. Thank You, Meyer’s company for planting roots in McKinney, Texas.” – Meir S.

Aaron CCommercial business door repair service near Dallas, Texas.

“Our beauty saloon front door was broken. Someone tried to unlock the door and break in during the night. We live between Dallas and McKinney. We needed a locksmith service that offers a free quote and has a fast response time. We have found Meyer’s (Locksmith in McKinney) to have courteous locksmith service, great customer satisfaction, and the best service all around.” – Aaron C.

Adam EThe access control system in McKinney by a reliable locksmith company.

“Our security system is not working. We need a locksmith that can provide 24/7 access control systems for homes and businesses around McKinney, Texas. After we searched and called a few companies, we chose Meyer’s (McKinney Locksmith Company) to get our business done right away. We had the best Access Control System repair ever. Thank you.” Adam E.

Tom NBroken deadbolts replacement by Locksmith McKinney

“Where can I find a reliable locksmith in the McKinney service area? I ask my wife. Why not give Meyer’s a try since they are affordable and available in the area? And thank goodness I did. They arrived on time, fixed my doors, got the job done right away at a good price, and were very professional.” – Tom N.”

Jennifer TI accidentally locked out of my house in McKinney, Texas

“I was locked out near midnight. I called McKinney locksmith first thing in the morning, and they arrived very quickly, opened my door within 20 minutes, got what I needed to be done for a reasonable price, and were very professional.” – Jennifer T.

Shelly GA new spare key for my 2015 Chrysler Town and Country.

“I am a single mom and do not have anyone to help me around the home. After losing my car key, I called Meyer’s, the McKinney Locksmith company. They came on time, opened my door, made a new key for my Town and Country van, and even programmed the spare key that was inside of it without any damage done to my car… 10 out of 10. Thanks, guys. – Shelly G.

Andy CAutomotive locksmith in McKinney, Texas.

“I have lived in McKinney for more than ten years. I still remember when I was locked out of my vehicle and had to wait 2 hours for a car lockout. After I met Meyer, I knew all the zip codes around McKinney and could have an efficiently key and lock fix by a professional Locksmith McKinney. All your automotive locksmith services are in one place. – Andy C.

Sharon UCar keys services in McKinney TX by a Locksmith Company

“I parked my car near the End Zone pub. A little bit after closing (around 2 AM), I noticed that my car keys were gone. I called Meyer’s lock company in McKinney, and they have arrived at my location very quickly with a replacement key for my 2015 Toyota Prius. – Sharon U.

Aaliyah ICommercial lock repairs by a pro-Locksmith McKinney company

“I called a few local locksmith companies to get a free quote for repairing my deli store locks. Since day one, I was sure that a commercial or residential locksmith business would be found in Dallas as a McKinney, TX resident. – Aaliyah I.

Rob HUntil I’ve found Meyer’s Locksmith, I’ve read their customers’ reviews, asked the team to cove over to my location, and assisted me in deciding on the best option for my business. Great price range. Thank you for the best deal for commercial locks in McKinney, TX. Contact Meyer’s – Rob H.

Ariana HLocks and keys repair by the best locksmiths team in McKinney

“To improve my home security, I looked for a few locksmiths and contacted them to come over to give me an on-site quote. One of the best locksmith services near McKinney is Meyer’s Company. The service is beyond any expectation, and their customers’ service is the key to the business’s success. Ariana H.

Ariana HRekey a lock & Bedroom lockout service

“My bedroom’s door has been locked. It’s not a passenger lock but a standard Kwikset doorknob lock. The guy from Meyer’s locksmith arrived within 20 minutes. He was able to unlock the door by picking the lock in less than a minute. After that, he rekeyed the lock and gave us four key copies for free. 100% customer satisfaction. Best McKinney TX local locksmith services.” – Ariana H.

Peter GSafe lockout locksmith services

“My cash drawer safe lock stopped working. So I had to find genuinely professional local locksmith services to lock me out and fix the safe lock. After reading some locksmith companies’ reviews near McKinney, TX, I decided to go with Meyer’s Locksmith Company. He was able to help me out to get the cash and other stuff out within an hour of drilling and lock picking techniques. Two days after he came back and installed a new safe lock. Clean job. Thanks. – Peter G.

Tairus GChange lock combination service in McKinney, TX.

“I live near Chestnut Square Historic Village, on the east side of McKinney, near McKinney national airport. I am Meyer’s Locksmith customer since he helped me with an old key recovery. On that day, my girlfriend left me, and I didn’t want her to have access to my apartment anymore. Tomer arrived within 30 minutes. And was able to change the front and back door locks (four locks total) within another 30 minutes. Thank you! – Darius G.

Lisa ALocal locksmith services – New locks and keys installation

“After renting an apartment near EA Randles Park, we bought a house on Stacy Rd. I got a free quote from Meyer’s locksmith company, and I hired their services. They came by the day after, in time manners, I have to mention. Professional locksmiths replaced and installed 12 new locks all over our new home, inside out. Great prices, outstanding locksmith service. – Lisa A.

Jacob OGet only family-owned McKinney locksmith services by a professional team

“Believe me. You don’t want any “locksmith McKinney” you find on Bing or Google. If you live near McKinney zip codes and looking for fantastic locksmith services with a proven customer satisfaction experience. Call Meyer’s local locksmith services. Jacob O.

One locksmith services company with affordable prices

Whether you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your home, car, or business. If you want the most affordable lock replacement & locksmith services near you. Your locksmith company is Meyer’s Locksmith Services.

Tom the locksmith

Tom the Locksmith

Dear McKinney, Dallas residents. This is Tom, your local locksmith.

Since childhood, I have always been in love with any locking device. In 2002, I started as a locksmith apprentice in Denver, CO. After many years of solving all lock and key problems, I decided to open up a locksmith store in McKinney. Now I’m a full-time locksmith in McKinney, Texas.

My mission is to move people from their current crisis to solving the root cause of their lock and key problems. In addition, I’d like to give them peace of mind knowing there’s another option besides breaking a window or kicking down your door.

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