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Dodge Car Key Replacement McKinney, TX

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Lost your keys? Locked them in your car? We’re here to help with your Dodge car key replacement in McKinney, TX, and the surrounding area. We can replace or make a key for any car on the market today, including yours!

We understand the inconvenience of losing your car keys, which is why we can send a mobile locksmith to your location within 30 minutes. Our mobile technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help with key replacement or make you new keys.

common dodge key problems

Common Problems with Dodge Keys

Dodge car keys are designed to be easy enough for everyone to use, but they can still pose challenges for some drivers. If you have had issues with pressing the buttons on your Dodge key fob or if it has stopped working altogether, this article will show you how to fix these common problems.

cheap doge buttons
Need new key fob buttons?

Dodge Key Fob Buttons

One common issue with these car keys is that the buttons may get jammed or stop working. To fix this, you will need to remove the battery from the key fob and allow it time to dry out.

my car key wont turn
We can do fix any key problem fast easy and cheap!

Dodge Car Key Won’t Turn

Another problem with Dodge keys is that they may stop working properly in the lock or ignition switch of your car. This means that you won’t be able to start your car until you solve this problem. The best way to solve this problem is to remove any dirt, debris, or other material from the lock and keyhole before inserting the key fob again.

old chrysler car keys
What were old Chrysler car keys like?

The Evolution of Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge Keys Over the Years

Steel keys were the first to be used in order to lock and unlock your car. These keys consisted of wire or flat metal which was wound around a straight steel bar.

These keys were invented by manufacturers in the late 1800s because it was much cheaper than other types of keys at the time.

This specific type of key is not commonly seen anymore because there are many different safety issues, including the fact that they can be easily broken and copied.

remote car key entry
Do you need a remote for your car?

Remote-entry Key

This next type of key is what most people start to use when they purchase a new vehicle. The remote-entry key allows you to unlock and lock your doors with just a simple push of a button on your keychain.

This type of key has been around since the early 1990s but was not very popular or common until later decades. Most modern remote-entry keys are completely digital and will lock, unlock, beep, flashlights, start the car/truck/SUV, etc., and even set off alarms on some vehicles.

The newer type of this key allows whoever is using it to cut down on having to carry around an extra key fob or two just in case they lose one or two of them (which happens all too frequently).

transponder key

Dodge Transponder Key

The third type of key is the most complicated, but also one of the safest. This is the transponder key, which requires a little more work than other car keys.

The owner must actually scan the car key(s) over a small machine inside the car in order to be able to start it.

These keys are used with cars that have a chip installed inside of them, which means these cars require a little bit more work and money before they can be driven off the lot.

The transponder is also known as an electronic-identification key and is needed in order to allow the car to fully run. There are two types of these keys: passive and active.

The passive key does not really require much more than just having the chip installed inside your vehicle while it sits on the lot, but active keys must be programmed for each individual who drives that vehicle.

If you sell your car or it is stolen you must reprogram all of the keys to lock it from being driven, which could be very expensive.

The Laser-cut Key

The fourth type of key is known as a laser-cut key. This type of key requires about two weeks after cutting before the owner can actually use them since they have to be tuned and programmed with the engine and the machine in the car.

These types of keys are relatively cheap to copy, so it is recommended that you buy a second key just in case one gets lost or stolen. Laser-cut keys can also be programmed into your vehicle to match an existing key, but this again takes time and money.

chip key replacement

Dodge Chip Key

The last type of key is the chip key, which is the newest type of car key that can be used by a car or truck. These keys are not only interchangeable with one another but also function in a way that does not require programming, cutting, and tuning by a mechanic.

Instead, there is a small plastic ball inside the head of the key that must be replaced every so often, which can get expensive. These keys are also near impossible to copy and you will need to have your vehicle programmed by a dealership in order for it to work.

The safest way to secure your car is with an original laser-cut transponder key from Meyer’s Local Locksmith in McKinney, TX. However, if you must go with a more common type of key you must keep your keys on a lanyard or a key chain with some sort of locking mechanism.

dodge key fob replacement

Dodge Key Fob Replacement

For any car, the remote replacement key will look like a standard version but doesn’t include buttons or holes for an antenna. It is only equipped with wireless technology in the form of a chip which you need to program on your own.

The downside to this type of key is that if it breaks down, the entire remote needs to be replaced and not just the key part since it’s electronically connected to the locks of the car.

dodge smart key replacement

Dodge Smart Key

This type of key is unique in that once inserted into the car, it will automatically turn the engine on.

It uses passive entry technology which means it doesn’t need to be touched or held by the driver because once in contact with the car’s sensors, the doors automatically unlock, and the engine is activated.

One downside to this type of key is that if it breaks down or malfunctions, you might have to replace the entire expensive ignition system.

Dodge Keyless Enter-N-Go

Dodge Keyless Enter-N-Go

Similar to the smart key, this type of key uses passive entry technology. Once you press the button on your remote or just open up your door, the engine will turn on.

However, unlike the Smart Key where only one touch is required for it to work, this type has an added security feature so that drivers don’t accidentally leave their keys in the car when exiting it.

An example of this is when you are in a grocery store parking lot and accidentally forget your keys. Drivers can instead keep their key fob in their purse or diaper bag where they are still within range, so they are able to lock the doors without locking themselves out of the car.

Double Check if Your Car is Locked

Never leave your car unlocked, even for a moment – especially if the vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft system. You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your new vehicle from thieves!

lost dodge keys

Lost Your Car Keys?

If you misplaced the keys to your car, you will need a replacement. Meyer’s Local Locksmith in McKinney will be able to provide you with a new key because we keep all types and makes of spare car keys in stock at all times.

For more information about our automotive locksmith services, ignition replacement, or a quote on a new car key replacement, please contact us at (469) 922-9966.

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