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Sargent Locks

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Sargent locks are used in the construction of doors, windows, and other architectural elements. They have various designs and can be classified into four broad types: mortise locks, rim locks, cylinder locks, and knobs.

A lock is a way of securing your doors from unwanted visitors. Because they are so important, you have to be careful when choosing one for your house. In order to ensure the absolute finest quality for your money, it is highly advised that you purchase Sargent locks for all of your needs.

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Sargent Locksets

There are many different types of locksets on the market, but Sargent locksets are some of the best available. They are very beneficial to the commercial sector, as they are extremely durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, they are very easy to use, making them perfect for businesses with many people coming and going.

Most commonly, Sargent locksets are used in commercial buildings. They have an extremely high-security rating. This makes them great for banks and museums that want to keep the items in their establishments secure at all times. It can be difficult to crack a Sargent lockset, even with the best tools available.

Sargent Door Hardware

Sargent is a company that makes door hardware, including locks. They have a variety of locks available, including keyed ones and thumb turned ones. They also have a wide variety of finishes available so that you can find the perfect lock for your door.

Sargent’s locksets come with a lifetime warranty. They also can be rekeyed by many hardware stores, making them useful when you need to change the key on an existing lock.

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9500 Series

The Sargent line of door hardware is durable and reliable, with styles designed to coordinate with most any décor. One of the most popular locks in this line is the Sargent 9500 Series. This lock has a satin nickel finish and is designed to fit 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″ thick doors.

The 9500 series comes in keying options of 5 pin tumbler (keyed like all regular door locks), 6 pin, and 10 pin.

This lock also comes with a super Lifetime Warranty and can be keyed to other locks in this line.

9500 Series

7700 Series

Another popular style is the Sargent 7700 Series. These locks are available in various colors, including Oil Rubbed Bronze, Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, and Satin Chrome. The 7700 Series has a lifetime finish warranty and can be keyed like other locks in the series.

7700 Series

Thumb Turn Deadbolt

Thumb turn deadbolts are also available in the Sargent line of door hardware. These locks come with separate keys for locking/unlocking the thumb, turning on the inside of the door, and a key for unlocking the deadbolt on the outside of your door.

Sargent locks are available in many different styles, finishes, and configurations. Like other Sargent locks in the series, they can be keyed, making it easy to use one set of keys for several locks in your home.

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