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Ensuring Home Security During Property Showings: A Comprehensive Guide

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The safety of our homes is paramount, especially when we open our doors to strangers during property showings. This unique situation exposes our homes and belongings to numerous unfamiliar individuals. If you find yourself concerned about home security during showings, this comprehensive guide will address key areas to consider and provide practical solutions.

home security
There’s never a wrong time to beef up your home security system

Enhancing Home Surveillance Systems

The first line of defense in home security is often a robust surveillance system. While it’s not appropriate to monitor visitors in areas where privacy is expected, it’s entirely within your rights to safeguard your property and belongings. Consider investing in, repairing, or expanding your home security system, particularly during the showing period. Professional locksmith companies offer a range of services that can enhance your home’s security.

Doorbell Camera
Most home security improvements begin with a doorbell camera.

The Utility of Doorbell Cameras

If a full-fledged security system seems excessive or financially impractical before selling your home, a doorbell camera is a valuable alternative. This device allows you to record who visits your home while ensuring visitors’ privacy during the rest of their tour. A video or voice intercom system can add another layer of protection and visibility, proving useful even in residential settings, especially for larger properties.

housekey management
Keeping tabs on all your housekeys is vital to ensure to unwelcome visitors can’t simply walk through the front door!

Key Management: A Crucial Aspect of Home Security

The Importance of Key Management

Key management is a fundamental aspect of home security, especially during property showings. It involves the strategic creation, distribution, storage, and replacement of physical keys. The process becomes particularly crucial when your home is on the market, as multiple individuals, including real estate agents and potential buyers, require access to your property.

Creating Duplicate Keys

The first step in effective key management is creating duplicate keys. This ensures that you retain access to your home even when other keys are in circulation. It’s advisable to provide real estate agents and potential buyers with these duplicates rather than your original keys. This way, you maintain control over your primary keys and can easily replace the duplicates if they are lost or compromised.

Installing New Locks and Keys

In certain circumstances, such as a past security breach or an encounter with a suspicious visitor, it may be prudent to replace your locks and keys entirely. This is a more drastic measure, but it provides an added layer of security. By changing your locks, you ensure that any previously distributed keys are rendered useless, thereby protecting your home from unauthorized access.

Key Storage and Tracking

Proper storage of keys is another vital component of key management. Keys should be stored securely when not in use to prevent theft or unauthorized duplication. Additionally, keeping track of who has been given a key and retrieving it after use is essential. This can be done through a simple log system, where you record who has a key and when it was returned.

Professional Key Management Services

For homeowners who want to ensure the highest level of security, professional locksmith services offer comprehensive key management solutions. These services can include the creation of high-security locks that are resistant to picking and unauthorized duplication, as well as the installation of advanced lock systems.

home safe
Keeping your valuables in a safe while viewers are in your home is not just a good option – it’s common sense!

Safeguarding Valuables

Leaving valuable items in plain sight during showings is a risk. To mitigate this, we recommend not keeping any valuables in the home at all during the showing period. Alternatively, investing in a home safe can provide a secure place for your most important items.

home insurance valuables
Make sure your home insurance policy is up to date and covers any high-end possessions you may have

Insurance Coverage

Despite taking all these precautions, unforeseen incidents can still occur. Criminals may attempt to break in, visitors may steal items, or accidental damage could be caused to the property. Therefore, it’s crucial to have comprehensive insurance coverage that is up-to-date and covers such incidents.

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While home security during showings might not be your primary concern amidst the hustle and bustle of moving, staging, and dealing with market volatility, a single security mishap can mar the entire experience. By considering the areas outlined in this guide, you can ensure a secure and smooth property showing process.

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