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The Most Secure Locks for Your Home: A 2023 Review

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Ensuring the security of your home is a top priority for every homeowner. One essential aspect of this is having a secure lock system. Over the years, the technology behind locks has evolved, providing homeowners with an array of options to choose from. This 2023 review will guide you through the most secure locks for your home, considering the brand, price, features, pros, and cons. We will also delve into the cost to change locks on a house, key lock replacement, and door lock cylinder replacement.

yale cylinder lock
Yale are one of the most recognizable brands in home security today

Yale Lock Cylinder Replacement

Yale is a renowned brand when it comes to home security. Their lock cylinders are designed with high-tech features that ensure top-notch security for your home. Yale’s lock cylinder replacement offers a unique, customizable key system that minimizes the risk of unauthorized key duplication. You can get this quality lock replacement near you at an affordable front door lock replacement cost.


  • High-security lock system
  • Unique, customizable key system


  • Yale cylinder replacement can be quite complex, requiring a professional locksmith to change locks.
schlage encode lock
The Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt allows homeowners to control their locks remotely

Schlage Encode Programming

Schlage is another leading brand in home security, known for its Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. With the Schlage Encode programming, homeowners can control and monitor their door lock from anywhere using their smartphone. This convenient feature comes at a reasonable door lock change price.


  • Offers remote access
  • Easy to install and use


  • Requires a strong WiFi connection for optimal operation
Kwikset SmartKey Security
With the Kwikset SmartKey, you can re-key your locks in no time!

Kwikset Door Handle Replacement

Kwikset is known for its user-friendly and secure lock systems. Their door handle replacement provides a sleek look to your front door while ensuring maximum security. Kwikset’s SmartKey Security also protects against advanced break-in techniques and also allows you to re-key your lock in seconds.


  • Advanced security features
  • Allows for quick re-keying


  • Kwikset cylinder replacement requires professional locksmith change locks service for best results.

french doors

French Door Lock Replacement

French doors are elegant and stylish, but they also need secure locks to ensure the safety of your home. You can opt for multi-point lock systems that secure the door at several points. For a professional lock change service, consider calling Meyers Local Locksmith, a trusted locksmith near McKinney.


  • Provides extra security
  • Enhances aesthetic appeal


  • The cost to change locks on a French door can be higher due to the complexity of the system
lock installation service
No matter what your lock requirements might be, Meyers Local Locksmiths have you covered!

Lock Change and Installation Services

Are you looking to change your locks? Whether you’re planning a front door lock replacement or a full lock replacement for your home, Meyers Local Locksmith provides reliable and affordable lock change services. They also offer door lock installation services in various areas, including Plano, TX, and Allen, TX.

For more information on home security, visit our blog and learn about the role of a locksmith in smart home security systems for residential and commercial security solutions in McKinney, TX.

changing home locks
Introducing your own locks to your new property is a commonplace routine for many homeowners

Changing Locks on New House

Moving into a new home? It’s a smart move to consider changing locks on your new house. You can never be too sure who else might have a key to your property. Whether you want to replace a deadbolt lock or perform a complete front door handle and lock replacement, Meyers Local Locksmith is your go-to service provider in Anna, TX, and Frisco, TX.


  • Enhances security for new homeowners
  • Provides peace of mind


  • Changing locks on a new house can be costly, but it’s a worthy investment

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my locks by myself?

Yes, you can indeed change your locks yourself if you have the right tools and a bit of handyman skills. However, for a proper and secure installation, it’s often best to hire a professional locksmith. They have the required expertise to ensure that your locks are installed correctly and securely.

What is a lock change?

A lock change involves replacing the entire lock system on your door. This is usually done when a lock is worn out, damaged, or when you want to upgrade to a more secure lock system.

What is the difference between changing locks and rekeying?

Rekeying involves altering the lock mechanism so that a different key can operate it. It’s an excellent option if your keys are lost or stolen, and you want to ensure that the old keys can’t be used to access your home. On the other hand, changing locks involves replacing the entire lock with a new one.

How much will it cost to change a set of locks?

The cost to change a set of locks can vary based on the type of locks, the number of locks you need to change, the brand, and the locksmith service you choose. On average, it can cost anywhere between $50 to $400 per lock. It’s best to contact a local locksmith for a more accurate estimate.

Should I change locks after buying a house?

Yes, it’s a smart move to change locks after buying a house. You can’t be sure who else might have keys to your property, so changing locks can provide peace of mind and enhance your new home’s security.

When should locks be changed?

Locks should be changed whenever moving into a new home, lose your keys, experience a break-in, or when the locks are old and worn out. It’s also wise to change locks if you’ve recently ended a relationship and want to prevent the other person from accessing your home.

What proof do you need to change locks?

Usually, a locksmith will require proof that you have the right to change the locks, such as proof of ownership or tenancy. This could be a deed, lease agreement, or even a driver’s license with the matching address.

How often do you lubricate locks?

It’s recommended to lubricate your locks at least once or twice a year to keep them functioning smoothly. However, if you notice your key is sticking or the lock is hard to operate, it might be time for some lubrication.

Remember, security starts with a good lock. If you need professional help with lock changes or any locksmith services, don’t hesitate to reach out to your local locksmith in McKinney.

Which is the best brand for door locks?

When it comes to door lock brands, there are several reputable options to consider. Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset are among the most recognized and trusted names in the industry. They offer a wide range of locks, from traditional deadbolts to advanced smart locks, and have consistently received high ratings for their quality and security.

What is the most common house lock?

The deadbolt is the most common type of lock used on residential doors. It provides a high level of security and is relatively easy to install. Deadbolts come in single, double, and lockable thumb turn styles, giving homeowners a variety of options to suit their needs.

What is a good lock for the house?

A good lock for a house is one that provides a high level of security and suits the homeowner’s specific needs. Deadbolt locks are generally a great choice due to their strength and durability. Smart locks, which allow you to control and monitor your lock remotely, are also an excellent option for those looking for convenience alongside security.

Is Kwikset or Schlage better?

Both Kwikset and Schlage offer high-quality locks, and the choice between these two often comes down to personal preference. Schlage locks are known for their robustness and durability, often being made from stronger, heavier materials. On the other hand, Kwikset locks are usually more affordable and offer easy re-keying features. Depending on your priorities—whether it’s high security, affordability, or convenience—you can decide which brand suits your needs better.

Remember, the right lock for your home is one that provides the level of security and convenience that you need. Take the time to evaluate your options, and don’t hesitate to consult with our professional locksmith to ensure you make the best choice for your home’s security.

meyers locksmith services
If your home security is in need of an overhaul, contact Meyers Local Locksmith today!


Your home security is paramount, and it begins with having the most secure locks. Brands like Yale, Schlage, and Kwikset are renowned for their high-quality and secure lock systems. Whether you need a Yale lock cylinder replacement, Schlage Encode programming, or a Kwikset door handle replacement, always consider hiring a professional locksmith to ensure proper installation.

Meyers Local Locksmith provides a wide range of locksmith services, including lock change, door lock replacement, and more in Melissa, TXFairview, TX, and other locations. Get in touch today and enhance your home’s security!

Remember, a simple lock change can secure your home. So, if you’re contemplating whether to change your locks, the answer should always be a resounding ‘yes’. Stay safe, and don’t hesitate to reach out for professional locksmith services when you need them.

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