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How To Avoid a Car Lockout in Plano, TX, This Winter

car lockout plano txAlthough most people associate Plano, TX, with dry heat and arid temperatures, the weather can get pretty brutal in the winter. The temperatures in Plano, TX, can actually dip below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, which for Texans who are accustomed to warmer weather can feel downright frigid.

The last thing you ever really want to do is get locked out of your car and require the assistance of a professional locksmith service. Here are a few easy tips and tricks to help you avoid getting locked out of your car and the ensuing call to professional locksmith services.

lost car keyDon’t Leave Your Car Keys in The Vehicle

Between the kids screaming in the backseat, the loud radio blasting your teenager’s favorite band, and the to-do list you have running through your head, it can be much easier than you might think to forget your fob or transponder in your car and get locked out.

Don’t be too hard on yourself and instead, here are a few fast and simple tricks to help ensure you never leave your fob inside your car, get accidentally locked out of your car, or require the assistance of Plano locksmiths:

keychain iconInvest in a massive, bright keychain

One of the most inexpensive, straightforward ways to ensure your keys are visible and that you avoid a necessary call to local locksmith services is to purchase a very bright, flashy, and noticeable chain and attach it to your fob.

The bright color will make you more aware of the keys inside the car, and if you accidentally toss your fob into the center console or tray, the keychain will make the fob much more noticeable.

note on dashboardHang a note on the dashboard

Many forgetful people utilize sticky notes to remind them to pick up their dry cleaning, pick up the kids from soccer, or pick up milk from the grocery store. Hang the sticky note on your dashboard or a visible spot in your car to remind you to never leave your fob or transponder behind.

key fob iconAlways keep one hand on your fob or transponder

Residential locksmith services are available 24/7 to help you out of a jam. Another simple trick to help you avoid requiring the assistance of an automotive locksmith is to get in the habit of always keeping one hand on your key.

car door lockGet in the habit of using your car’s exterior door locks

It is convenient to press a button on your key fob or transponder keys to lock the doors. Unfortunately, this amazing technology can actually make you more prone to locking your keys in the car.

Instead of utilizing your vehicle’s keyless entry systems, get in the habit of pulling your keys out of the ignition or your pocket and using the physical car keys to lock your car door.

lubricate car door lockLubricate the Car Door Locks

Much like rusty padlocks, the old locks on your car door can become corroded. In some cases, if the damage becomes too severe, an older car key might accidentally break off inside the rusty, damaged lock.

A simple way to avoid this, and prevent the need for door lock repair, is to periodically lubricate the car door locks. Your automotive locksmith can recommend the best lubricant, such as a silicone-based lubricant spray.

use vaselineVaseline Works Too

If you are ever in a pinch, you can always use Vaseline to lubricate your car locks to avoid a potentially expensive fix or damaged lock repair in Plano. Before you apply any lubricant for the first time, clean the door locks with canned, compressed air.

broken car key replacement planoReplace Old Car Keys

Did you know that the average mechanical key is only intended to last between three to four years? After time and repeated use, the metal will begin to wear and become very fragile. Eventually, the key can break off in the car door or ignition, leading to a costly fix.

Most professional locksmith services provide key cutting at very fair prices. Many expert locksmiths can even come to you and cut a key in a matter of minutes. As a rule, always replace your key every few years to prevent the weakened key from breaking off in your lock or ignition.

Those same locksmiths in Plano will also be there to perform any quality service you require, from a manual key extraction from your car trunk or ignition, providing battery jump starts, and working on your car’s security systems.

car key batteryReplace the Car Fob Battery

Much like a mechanical key, the battery in your key fob has a typical lifespan of approximately three to four years. Professional locksmiths can quickly replace your key fob battery while you are enjoying their key-cutting services.

spare key plano txGet a Spare Key Made

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you might still leave your key locked inside your car. Instead of waiting for a Plano locksmith to rescue you, make at least one spare key. Do not keep this key inside your car; instead, leave the key at your house with your spouse or a trusted friend.

automotive locksmith plano iconKeep a Plano Automotive Locksmith Services Number

If you ever require the services of a Plano, TX locksmith, the last thing you really want to do is wait on the side of a busy highway or the parking lot of a local mall searching for the best locksmith in Plano. Instead, please do your homework, find the best locksmith in your area, and keep their number handy!

add meyer's locksmith to favoritesSave a Plano Locksmith Service on Your Mobile Browser

Another great option is to save a top Plano locksmith service in your cellphone’s mobile browser. This will ensure that if you ever need locksmith services, from needing a new key cut or duplicate key to lockout service or key programming, you will have their website and Plano phone number at the ready.

locksmith tips plano txTips From a Professional Locksmith in Plano, TX

Applying Rubbing Alcohol on a Lock and Key Helps

The weather in Plano, TX, is typically beautiful. However, if the temperatures drop below freezing, and you want to avoid damaging your metal keys and door locks, apply some hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol to each.

The alcohol can help prevent the cold car key from freezing inside the cold door lock.

Cover the Locks on Your Car Doors

Your Plano locksmith might recommend installing a cover on your exterior door locks. In addition to preventing car theft, the covers will keep the locks clean and dry, which prevents corrosion.

hot car key methodTry the Hot Car Key Method

The worst possible scenario has occurred: Your car door lock is frozen, and you cannot access your vehicle. You could call a locksmith, or you could try one simple trick: grab a lighter and heat the key.

Carefully run the lighter over the length of your vehicle key before inserting it into the lock. The hot metal will gently melt the ice, unlocking car doors quickly and easily!

lockout services plano txCar Lockouts – How Our Mobile Locksmith Services Can Help

Car Lockout Services

The professionals at Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Plano offer a wide variety of services, including car lockout services. If you ever accidentally lock your keys in your truck, SUV, or car, or your key breaks off in the exterior lock, we are available to provide quality domestic and luxury automotive assistance for any lock-related emergencies.

car lock repair plano txCar Lock Repair

We offer unmatched fast service and unparalleled customer satisfaction at Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Plano, TX. If you require key extraction or car lock repair, we are the company for you!

Our company of professional locksmiths can remove the locked keys from your door and trunk, as well.

new car lock installation planoNew Lock Installation

It is not uncommon for the door lock on older model vehicles to fail completely. If your key breaks off in your lock, or you require an entirely new lock installation, we are the right company for the job! Many customers have required this service in the past, and we have the latest technologies available to removed locked keys from the exterior lock and, if necessary, install new locks on your vehicle.

car key replacementCar Key Replacements

Need an entirely new key for your vehicle? Not every locksmith has the technology to re-key your vehicle or provide an entire replacement at a great price. Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Plano can not only replace your car keys, but we can replace your house keys, as well!

The professionals at Meyer’s Local Locksmith can also provide key programming services and commercial locksmith service for your fleet vehicles.

car key duplication planoDuplicate Car Keys

It is always advisable to have an extra set in case of emergencies. If you ever accidentally lock yourself out of your car and do not want to pay for lockout service in Plano, the easiest solution is to have a duplicate set at home or at work.

Ignition Switch services plano txIgnition Switch Replacement

In addition to helping them get back into their locked car or house, many customers have also hired Meyer’s Local Locksmith service in Plano to replace or repair their vehicle’s ignition switch.

locksmith services plano txWhy Call Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Plano, TX?

Life happens, and if you ever require automotive locksmith services, commercial locksmith services, or require a quality residential locksmith, we are the company for you. Meyer’s Local Locksmith in beautiful Plano, TX, has been providing quality services to residents of the Plano area for over 20 years!

We know many locksmiths are available in the Plano, TX, area, but trust us when we say our customer service is unmatched!

Our customer satisfaction is unmatched, and if you need the best locksmith company that is available 24 hours a day and all seven days a week to provide you with commercial locksmith services, vehicle locksmith services, and residential locksmith services, Meyer’s Local Locksmith in Plano should always be your first call!

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